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Iron rusts without finding an application, the standing water rots or freezes in the cold, but the human mind, without finding an application, withers. Leonardo da Vinci

“Put over a hundred teachers – they will be powerless, if you can not force yourself and demand from yourself,” – wrote VA Sukhomlinsky. And this is true. Often parents tell their child that it is necessary to study, that knowledge will be useful in life, but not all children listen to the opinion of their parents. Although to prove to a person the necessity of knowledge is, according to M. Gorky, anyway, that to convince him of the usefulness of vision.

So why should a person learn? Nature, each person is endowed with his unique abilities, talent. And he will be able to realize them only when he has mastered the necessary knowledge and skills. “Knowledge is made up of small grains of daily experience,” DI Pisarev said. Otherwise, it is impossible to comprehend a complex

world phenomenon by a person – mastering one’s native language, recognizing and tying up thousands and thousands of nods of communication with the outside world, ensuring our existence. And it’s not even to know a lot, but to know from all that you can know, the most necessary.

Knowledge broadens the horizon of a person. The realities of today, the changes in the world, the situation in the country require from the person flexibility and mobility. He must constantly improve, be able, if necessary, start everything from scratch. For example, people who suddenly lose their jobs by profession will only be able to find a new job if they are able, despite the circumstances, age, different difficulties to go back to school, expanding their opportunities.

Education, according to D. Pisarev, teaches a person to live and dispose of their own strength. And since science does not just border one on the other, but penetrate and penetrate each other, the person becomes several times stronger, begins to better understand some phenomena, processes through a variety of knowledge. Learn – it always comes in handy.

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Writing Learn to Learn