Summary “Fight for fire”

Summary “Fight for fire”

The prehistoric tribe of Ulamaras has a terrible fate: their fire, which was kept in three special cells, and whose life was supported by four women and two men day and night, perished! Fire meant life for the ulamars. And now at once two terrible misfortunes have fallen upon their tribe: the attack of “devouring people” and the death of fire. The leader of the tribe Faum looked at the remains of his tribe with a long glance. He was able to count only with the fingers on his hands and legs and twigs, but even without this counting material it was clear that his tribe had left a third. Those who were not killed by “devouring people,” died in front of his eyes, many old men and children were forever left in the swamps through which the tribe made their way. His people

were threatened with death, and the loss of fire made the situation critical.

Faum was a bold and resolute leader, cruel, like all people in those days. But he was also wise and wise. In his tribe there were still young strong warriors who could obtain a new fire. And the leader of the Faum announced his will: he who is able to obtain fire, will be married to his daughter, the beautiful Gammlu, and after the death of Faum becomes the leader of the tribe of Ulamar. Nao, the son of Leopard, volunteered first. He was a strong young man, very broad in the shoulders, He had long looked at Gammlu, and she was not completely indifferent to him. The second came forward Ago, son of the Bison. Ago and his brothers did not like the ulamars and were afraid. The brutish brothers, the sons of the Bison, were too cruel. The leader of Faum also feared them.

However, the leader should not abandon his words and Faum confirmed: if Ago gets fire, he will receive Gummlu. From that very moment, Nao and Ago felt for the first time that they were rivals, and everyone realized that the struggle would not be for life, but for death. At daybreak the next day, the fire seekers set off. Nao, bidding farewell to Gammla, promised to return with fire and gifts for her or not return at all. Nao did not go alone, he took two assistants – Gava and

Nama. A lot of dangerous adventures await them on the road.

The world around is so huge and full of dangers. Friends meet a herd of mammoths and freeze, struck by the power and magnificence of these animals. After stopping for the night in a cave, the travelers are attacked by a gray bear. Nao kills him with a club blow. This was the first feat of Nao, the son of Leopard. Having passed the habitual savanna, the soldiers found themselves in a prehistoric forest. A lot of dangers lie in wait for them behind every tree, young men suffer from thirst and lack of fire. They have to eat raw meat. Warriors have to fight the tigress. Although they all remained alive, Gav was seriously injured. Finally, after many days of travel, the hunters notice the traces of the parking of another tribe.

The familiar smells of people, fire and food worry the blood of Nao. He decides to follow the footsteps of the tribe of the kzamm, who has the most important value – fire! Brave Nao and his friends decide to steal the fire from the zamm, the devourer of people. The attempt was crowned with success, but the fire stolen by Nao died. Violent poses are pursued by a small detachment. Nao, who is not alien to compassion, bears the wounded Gava. The detachment finds shelter and shelter in a pack of mammoths, to find a common language with which Nao has managed. Nao took the first step to taming animals, he learned to feed the mammoths with tender and delicious grass and the animals began to trust him. Escaping from the kzamm, Nao contrived not only to kill many enemies, but again to get a red flower – fire. Life among mammoths pleased Nao and his friends. They were not threatened with any dangers, and they had everything for a free life.

Only memories of the beautiful Gammla drove Nao back to his tribe… Much more remains to be endured by Nao, Gav and Nam. Find out who the red dwarfs are, the dying tribe of Va, and whether Nao will be able to bring fire to his fellow tribesmen, whether he will get Gammlu’s wife, and what will happen to Agha, after reading Josef Roni Sr.’s astonishing novel The Struggle for Fire.

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Summary “Fight for fire”