The myth of Demeter and Persephone

At the goddess of fertility Demeter and the thunderer of Zeus, Perfona’s beautiful daughter grew up. Mother of the soul in her did not expect and did not suspect that the young girl was promised by the father of the God of the Kingdom of the Dead to Aida as a wife.

The insidious Hades begged the wife of Zeus Gaia to grow a flower unique in its beauty. When the gay Persephone frolicked with her nymph girlfriends in the Nisei Valley, she suddenly beckoned to herself with a delicious aroma. The girl went in search of his source and saw a flower that so fascinated her with its beauty, that she held out her hand to him and tore it. At the same instant, there was a roar, the earth burst open, and from beneath it a gloomy groom appeared in the chariot. Grabbing his beloved, ignoring the cries for help, the lord of the dead cleared his prey in the Kingdom of Shadows.

Time passed, and the young daughter of Zeus did not return. In vain demolished by grief Demeter searched for

her all over the Earth, the beauty was nowhere to be found. From the melancholy of the mother, nature began to dry, flowers withered, birds ceased to sing. Crops were lost, and it became difficult for people to live on scorched and barren land. Zeus did not want the death of the human race and decided to release a young recluse from Hades. Before returning to earth, Persephone was forced to eat a pomegranate seed, and now she began to be considered a full-fledged wife.

With delight and ecstasy the mother met her daughter. The earth blossomed and filled with life, people stopped starving. And then Zeus decided that the daughter will spend 2/3 years with Demeter, and in the remaining time will go down to the grim spouse in the Dungeon. Since Persephone leaves his mother, the cold is on the earth and winter comes. Returning to the ground and meeting with his mother, Persephone leads the spring. Demeter is happy to see her daughter, and from her joy blooms and fragrant nature.

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The myth of Demeter and Persephone