What is the equality of all before the law

What is the equality of all before the law

From the lessons of mathematics we know the concept of “equal.” Let us recall, for example, which segments you call equal. The first meaning of the word “equal” is “the same.” What is equality of people and is it possible?

As is known, people are naturally endowed with different physical qualities, mental and other abilities; people differ in gender, age, etc. One person has musical abilities, the other has sports skills; the director of the factory masterfully manages the enterprise, and the highly skilled worker masterfully produces the parts. What are they equal with each other? They have equal rights, for example, to get an education or go in for sports or music. But are their abilities equal? In this equality there is and can never be. In a democratic society, everyone has the same opportunity to realize their abilities. And whether he wants to implement them, whether he will be able to use them, depends on the person himself.

Only in one person can they be equal – they have the same opportunities to use their own rights, that is, they are equal. All people are equal before the law. This means that the law applies equally to all citizens of the country.

Everyone can buy and sell property, change, donate, own property and dispose of it, choose a profession, work, seek medical help and receive it, etc. Has the right to defend their rights in any way that is not prohibited by law. In case of violation of the law, any person will be liable equally, without having privileges before the law.

Equality of people before the law is the equal position of people in society regarding their compliance with the norms of law enshrined in the laws of their rights, duties and responsibilities.

Equality is the enjoyment of equal rights with anyone.

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What is the equality of all before the law