Composition on the subject “Adjective”

The adjective is one of the main parts of speech in the Russian language. Our speech is full of adjectives – without them it would be boring, inexpressive and… incomprehensible.

We know that the name adjective denotes the attribute of the object in quality, that is, it characterizes the object. What does it mean? Adjectives, as it were, describe all sorts of objects, expand the idea of ​​them, clarify, supplement – create a real picture, and thus help us to understand and understand the world around us.

So, for example, when we talk about a Russian winter to a person who lives in another country, we can paint a landscape like this: “Winter has come, frosts are here, the land is covered with snow, the trees are decorated with frosty patterns, and the fir-trees are hidden in the snow.” However, this landscape will be absolutely incomplete, it will not be able to create an idea of ​​the Russian winter, to convey all the charm and special

feature of this time of year. It’s another matter if we include adjectives in our story. Look at how our narration “blossom” immediately, “sparkle” with all colors – will help not only to see but also to feel, to feel such a beautiful time of the year as the Russian winter: “A cold winter has come, the earth is covered with white snow. The trees are decorated with beautiful frosty patterns, and small fir-trees are hidden in the snow. “

Russian adjectives are so diverse and numerous that with their help you can create not only ordinary, but also artistic text. In it adjectives will act as epithets – poetic, colorful definitions that help make the work bright, colorful, impressive, memorable:

The sea is sad,

Cheerful and sad.

Thoughtful, even funny,

Blue, orange, red,

Bordeaux, turquoise and blue.

Here, with the help of adjectives, the author likens the sea to a living being, empowers him with the soul, helps to fully understand and experience such a special phenomenon called the sea.

Thus, the role of adjectives in the Russian language is very great. With their help, written texts and oral speech are made more informative, expressive, accurate, capacious and colorful. In my opinion, the presence of adjectives in a person’s speech speaks of his high cultural level, of developed figurative thinking and speech.

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Composition on the subject “Adjective”