Different sources call patriotism a moral principle, an attachment, a special feeling. I believe that all this can be combined into one word – love.

This word came to us from ancient Greece, where its etymological ancestors meant the fatherland, the compatriot. Hence the present understanding – love of the Fatherland. But the fatherland can be perceived in different ways. It can be a paternal home, some particular place where you were born, where your family lives. Or maybe the Motherland of the fathers, that is, all those people who made up the history of your people. Then patriotism has the right to manifest itself as a cozy, touching, cordial feeling of love for your home, for your small homeland, and as an exalted feeling of pride for the whole past of the people to whom you belong. In any case, patriotism is inherently impossible without pure faith, devotion, the readiness to defend and glorify our Motherland.

A special example of manifestation of patriotism

is a feat, a moral and physical feat. And such examples give us such a tragic event as war. To forget about the safety of their own “skin”, about their personal fears and desires and to rush into battle – this is not everyone’s power. Russian history knows many names that, with their heroism, claimed the impossible: Alexey Maresiev, Victor Talalikhin, Ekaterina Zelenko, Nikolai Sirotinin, Alexander Matrosov and thousands of other Russian soldiers. They were able to prove that the feeling of patriotism is expressed not just in words, that this is not an empty phrase, but the greatest effort of the human soul and body.

And how much patriotic feeling was invested in the exploits of people, that they worked in the rear for the good of the Motherland! How many mothers have made titanic efforts to let their beloved sons go to war, and then wait for them, not to sleep, to put up with the loss? Their countless number, and this set also proves a true love for the country and the people.

However, in everyday life without obvious feats, we too can demonstrate a true sense of patriotism. It’s enough not to “miss the garbage by the ballot box” – and this will be a small act of love for your native land.

Patriotism is a feeling though rare, but very important in a person’s life. After all, feeling inside love for the Motherland, trying to protect it, protect it from enemies and lies, prove the greatness of its Fatherland – it is expensive, it can even make up the real happiness of life.

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