Signs of spring

Spring is a beautiful season. At this time, nature wakes up after winter sleep. Everything around comes to life: the snow melts, the trees blossom, the gardens bloom, the flower beds, the birds return from the warm edges, the field works begin, the plants plant. Life begins to beat the key: around you can hear the murmur of streams, the singing of birds, the hum of tractors. No wonder people say: “Spring is red in the afternoon”. At this time of the year, warm sunny days come to replace the cold. In the people there are many signs of spring, on which it is possible to predict the future weather, what to wait for the summer, whether there will be a harvest this year.

Signs about the weather in the spring

Long icicles – to a long spring. Early spring is a sign that there will be many unseasonable days in the summer. Thunder in the early spring – before the cold. If the lightning flashes early in the spring and the thunder is not heard, the summer will be dry. March is dry, April is damp, May is cold – a year of corn. If the clouds float high – to good weather. If the ring is visible around the moon – to windy weather.

Spring signs of nature

Early arrival of rooks and larks – to a warm spring. Birds are building nests on the sunny side – to a cold summer. If the spring a lot of cobwebs – to hot summer. If a lot of mice appear in the spring, the year will be barren. Swallow low flies – to the rain. If the spring meets a white hare, then the snow will still fall out. A lot of juice flows from the birch – to a rainy summer. If the dandelion has bloomed early in the spring, the summer will be short.

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Signs of spring