Memory problem

Years succeed each other, people live their own lives. We have already crossed the threshold of the new millennium already for ten years. Modern technologies have moved so far that the science fiction writers of the last century could not even imagine all the variety of devices that make life easier.

It would seem that those distant 40’s remain only a vivid illustration on the faded posters of our consciousness. We diligently study history. We, of course, agree that the period of World War II is one of the most horrible pages of the development of human society, but we take it all in a detached indifference, only on the eve of May 9, as if recalling it.

And meanwhile, we must remember! Do not remember occasionally, decorating your page in a social network with a St. George ribbon, but remember! Remember all those who have never returned, remember the tears of mothers who lost their children, remember those who remained without close people, about torture and hunger, about cruelty and death.

In a world where every day the media paints coverage of terrorist attacks and armed attacks, people become callous. Lazily switching channels, we look at what is happening as the next production; we are comfortable on our big sofa to believe that nothing will touch us. But this is not so! The whole world is armed to the teeth, and one push of a button can turn our warm cozy marsh of everyday life.

War in fact is not something that was once and will not happen again. The war is real and terrible. So let’s remember! Let’s participate in this life and change it for the better! Let’s think about our neighbors, respect the elders and kneel before the surviving veterans, not only on the 9th of May, and every day to thank and remember all those who helped our cozy little world.

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Memory problem