Composition on the subject of honor

What is honor and why was it so valued at all times? People’s wisdom speaks about it: “Take care of your honor from the youth”, it is sung by poets and meditated by philosophers. For her, they died in duels, and, having lost her, they considered life to be finished. In any case, the concept of honor laid the desire for a moral ideal. This ideal can create a man for himself, and maybe accept from society.

In the first case, in my opinion, this is some kind of inner honor, which includes such individual qualities of a person as courage, nobility, justice, honesty. These are beliefs and principles that form the basis of man’s self-respect. This is what he himself brings up and appreciates in himself. The honor of a person delineates the limits of what a person can afford to himself, and what attitude can be tolerated by others. A person becomes a judge to himself. This is what constitutes human dignity, therefore it is very important for a person not to betray

any of his principles.

Another understanding of honor, I would correlate with a more modern notion of reputation – this is how a person shows himself to other people in communication and affairs. In this case, it is important not to “drop dignity” in the eyes of other people, because few people will want to communicate with a rude, conduct business with an unreliable person or help in need of a heartless miser. However, a person can have bad character traits and just try to hide them from others.

In any case, loss of honor leads to negative consequences – either the person is disappointed in himself, or becomes an outcast in society. Honor, which I defined as a reputation, has always been considered a business card of a man – both men and women. And sometimes it harmed people. For example, when they were considered unworthy, though they were not to blame, but gossip and intrigue. Or a rigid social framework. I always had a surprisingly Victorian-era condemnation of a young woman who mourned for her husband and wanted to start a new life.

The main thing that I understood is that the word “honor” is related to the word “honesty”. You need to be honest with yourself and with people, be, and not appear to be a worthy person, and then you are not threatened with either condemnation or samoyedstvo.

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Composition on the subject of honor