Biography of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a writer, composer, philosopher, developer of a direct form of government.

Born Jean-Jacques June 28, 1712 in Geneva. Since childhood in his biography Jean Jacques Rousseau was fond of reading books. Mother died at birth, and when the father got married again, Jean-Jacques was sent to study to a notary, later to an engraver.

In March 1728 he left Geneva. Further education was not stable. First he studied at the monastery of Turin, then studied, working as a lackey in the house of aristocrats. After the formation, Jacques Rousseau received in the seminary. For several years Rousseau traveled to Switzerland, France, mostly on foot. I started to work as a mentor, teacher, secretary, but I could not find a worthy place. Meanwhile he composed music.

Because of a material lack, he married, but was not happy in marriage. Having received the Dijon Academy Prize in 1749, he began to work fruitfully, compose music, rewrite notes. Changed his behavior, separated from society, settled separately from his wife. Then Rousseau wrote the works: “New Eloise”, “Emil”, “Social Contract”. For the philosophy of “Emil” was convicted by the Paris Parliament, but fled to Switzerland. From there he moved again because of the condemnation of his works.

After returning to Geneva, the relations between Rousseau and Voltaire were aggravated because of Rousseau’s new work, “A Letter about Spectacles.” In the biography of Jean-Jacques Rousseau again came the period of flight: this time he took refuge in England. Later, after returning to France, he was in a serious mental state. Rousseau passed away on July 2, 1778.

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Biography of Jean-Jacques Rousseau