Writing a problem

The choice for writing the theme “Problems of the century” is attractive in that it belongs to the category of “free”, and it does not even have to be attached to a literary work – schoolchildren can simply tell about what excites them, to speculate what they would like see your life.

Mankind has many problems, and it is possible to talk about them endlessly. The main thing is that almost all of them are the result of the activity of the person himself, whose needs are constantly growing. As one of the main problems, one can consider the problem of ecology – because of the harmful attitude to the atmosphere, its ozone layer collapses, the water bodies are constantly polluted, the forests are cut down and burned, some animals and plants are on the verge of extinction.

The planet reacts by sending all the increasing signals in the form of grandiose natural disasters, and the person, who is used to only taking, is engaged in internal disassemblies with his own kind. For spheres of influence, for markets, for natural resources, and even for the idea of ​​world domination – and this opposition is constantly increasing, creating a real threat of war, as a result of which nothing alive can remain on Earth at all.

One unsolved problem always generates another, they accumulate and unite, grow like a snowball. Closing our eyes to one, we immediately get another, even more significant. They are interrelated, and one should not forget that there is a limit to everything. It is important not to run into it ahead of time.

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Writing a problem