“My favorite plant” composition

Guess which flower is my favorite? You do not have to guess for a long time! Of course, this rose is the queen of all colors, a fragrant beauty. My favorite flower is loved by so many people. Perhaps, they are admired by everyone! Few people do not like roses.

About the tender petals of the rose flower, the whole history of mankind was composed of legends, wrote poems, and composed fairy tales. Rose with drops of morning dew on petals – is beautiful. It looks wonderful even in the autumnal flower bed, when its petals have already become stiffer from the weather, and have been swallowed around the edges.

But in general a rose is a sturdy flower, as among the people the true queens are enduring. Often you can meet a red rose in the frost, powdered snow on the flower bed, covered with frosty crystals frost. A tremendous sight!

The stem of the rose is studded with spines. I always wondered: why do they need such a beautiful flower? And I thought: the flower is

so protected that it is not ripped from the flower beds by passers-by at will. And that animals a hundred times “think” before they tumble into the rose bushes and trample them.

My favorite flower has different colors and shades. After all, so many scientists-breeders, so many gardeners, agronomists, flower growers, gardeners worked on breeding and breeding rose bushes of various shades! The yellow rose is the emblem of sadness, the red rose is the emblem of passionate love, the white one is pure love and tenderness. Purple rose is an attribute of kings, a black rose is a symbol of refinement, pink is the best gift for a holiday. Even a green rose, and that is deduced by scientists, like a flower sort.

Once I was with my parents in the rose garden, where a real “ball of flowers” is arranged by gardeners. I saw there a stunningly beautiful cream rose, adorned with a light pink patch along the edges of the petals. She became the model of a flower for me.

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“My favorite plant” composition