Composition favorite toy

I have many toys, and each of them I love in my own way. With many, I have some warm, pleasant memory. For example, I really love the teddy bear that my grandmother made for me. She gave it to me for Christmas, and since then he sleeps with me. I am pleased to know that he is near, and if at night I wake up, I will not be frightened, but I will embrace the bear and calmly fall asleep. It’s all because my grandmother invested a lot of love when she did it for me.

When I was young and went to kindergarten, my favorite toy was a robot-transformer. It was bright and colorful, it could be reconstructed into a car. I often played with him and took it everywhere with me. Unfortunately, in our games he suffered a lot: the transformer does not have one arm and a part of his armor, and his mechanism has also broken down, and he’s no longer being rebuilt into a typewriter. But I do not want to throw it away, even though my mother offered it. Now he’s in the closet, maybe

someday I can fix it.

Now my favorite toy is a bicycle. He was presented to me by the last New Year’s parents, and we went for a ride with the whole family (mums and dads also have bicycles). We went to the country and all rolled together on the field. It was unforgettable: a warm sunny day, wild flowers, a light breeze and we, laughing happily, rush on bicycles. And then we went to the Crimea and there too we rode along the mountain serpentine. Honestly, it was scary, but very interesting, and most importantly – incredibly beautiful, because from the streamer was visible to the sea. I probably will never forget that trip.

On the next birthday, my parents promised to give me a computer. I look forward to it with impatience. I really want to understand many programs, I can work with video, music and pictures. I’m sure he will help me with my studies, because I can prepare abstracts and search for necessary information. Of course, if my mother allows me, I’ll play games on it. My friends often discuss different computer games, but I have nothing to say to them, but now everything will change. I do not plan to spend much time during this activity, I think the bike will remain for me in the first place.

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Composition favorite toy