The street you walk every day

The great German poet and thinker Goethe once asked himself this question: “What is the most difficult thing to see?” It turns out that the hardest thing to see is not the past, covered with age-old dust, and not the future, which is enveloped in a fog of suspense. No, that’s not it. To his question, the wise Goethe replied: “What lies before your very eyes.”

Every day my path lies along Sovnarkomovskaya Street, a short street in the center of Kharkov. For many years it was just dear to me. Without looking around, I ran along this street to school and from school. And recently grandfather said: “Well, when will Sovnarkomovskaya return her former name?!” With this phrase everything started. As if my eyes opened. That’s what I found out and saw.

In the 19th century this street was not called a street, but an alleyway that bore the same name as the neighboring street. It was Myronosytsky Lane. The old street was returned to the

neighboring street several years ago, and Sovnarkomovskaya still lives with a Soviet name.

The buildings on Sovnarkomovskaya are almost all from the past. The house of scientists occupies a mansion, built according to the project of the famous architect Beketov. The nearest metro station therefore bears his name. Opposite the House of Scientists is another ancient mansion – now the House of Militia. It should be noted that in recent years, both these buildings have been renovated, the area around is put in order. The small chapel was rebuilt, or rather, rebuilt. As it turned out, she was here in the XIX century. The monument to the militiamen who died in the fight against crime was well-placed in this complex. Shady alleys, flower beds, neat umbrellas of a summer cafe nicely complement the overall picture.

The next landmark of my street is the city art museum, the pride of our city, one of the largest art museums in Ukraine. A wonderful collection of paintings by famous Russian and Ukrainian painters! There are unique canvases. The building, where the museum is located, is also built on the project

of Academician Beketov. Near the museum are exhibition halls. They are located in the former mansion of famous Kharkov bankers Alchevsky, who did a lot of good and good for our city.

Along Sovnarkomovskaya, going to the street. Sumskaya, stretches Victory Square. It was founded in 1947 in honor of the victory of our people over the fascist invaders. My grandmother told me that they, schoolgirls of those years, ran here to look at the captured Germans who cleared the future territory of the square from the ruins. And the eldest grandmother’s sister, already a student in those years, together with students from Kharkiv universities, planted trees here, broke alleys.

Now on the corner Sovnarkomovskaya and Mironositskaya there are two faculties of Kharkov National University: economic and sociological. I dream to enter the Faculty of Economics. If my dream comes true, I think I will witness how Sovnarkomskaya will change its name, as it becomes a street-museum. The project of the historical and architectural ensemble on Sovnarkomovskaya Street was created back in the 70s of the last century. The authors of the project are teachers and students of the architectural faculty of the Kharkov Civil Engineering Institute. Maybe the authors of the project are already venerable architects. I think if you dust off old drawings, they will come in handy. I am confident that there will be a sponsor who will help to implement the project.

And on what street do you go every day? Maybe it is not so rich in historical monuments, but still every street, every house has its own story. To betray her is impossible, because without the past there is no future and the present is much poorer without knowledge of history.

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The street you walk every day