The Painting by Levitan “Vladimirka”

The Painting by Levitan “Vladimirka”

Before us is the usual steppe landscape. Modest beauty of Russian nature. Late summer. Dry grass. Low clouds. Soon the autumn… The artist seems to be walking along this road, running off the horizon; the impression that it stretches endlessly, like the endless Russian expanses.

In the middle of the road there is a stony line. It can be seen that thousands of feet trampled it. They were convicts. Chained, they walked along this road. To the East. To Siberia. The people before them parted, in fear of giving way to them, and along the edges formed narrow paths. This endless desert road casts dejection and a sense of despair. It seems to have absorbed thousands of woeful destinies…

On both sides of the road you can see huge wastelands with rare bushes.

A few

small paths leave the road, apparently to villages or villages. On one of these paths in the distance a human figure looms. Someone was apparently going to cross the road, and stopped, thinking…

Perhaps, one of his relatives or friends passed along this road.

The road descends from the hill, rises to the other and continues on its way to infinity. The forest parted, passing it, and the road as if there were no obstacles.

I’m sorry for the convicts who walked along it. Walk along this road – and overcome despondency, despair and despair. It’s like going to nowhere and going all your life…

Tens of years have passed, hundreds of years will pass, and nothing will change on this road.

Romadin is one of the greatest landscape painters of the nineteenth century. He managed to do what is beyond the power of other artists. He created not ordinary landscapes, but living pictures. They look at the audience – and they call to visit. Especially stands out. look whole

Work on compositions causes enough difficulties for both the teacher and the students, especially the composition-description of works of painting. The teacher of the Borisov secondary school, p. Kryvets Dobrovsky district of the Lipetsk region LF Popova suggested. look whole

As soon as I woke up I immediately

ran to the window. I was amazed that our street sidewalks, pavement, roofs of houses all covered with snow. He probably walked all night, but in the morning the street changed. Instead of a gray, cloudy autumn morning, I see a bright one. look whole

Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov – a famous Russian artist – received a good artistic education. Among his works you can find pictures of different genres. But the basis of his work was a portrait. Serov is considered the master of children’s portrait, when the artist. look whole

Orest Kiprensky is considered one of the best portrait painters of Russia at the beginning of the XIX century. This artist, like no other, was able to reflect the inner peace of man. Brushes of Kiprensky owns a number of portraits that give us an idea of ​​the people of that era. History. look whole

In the foreground is a river. The time of the year is spring, so the river is written in orange – yellow and blue flowers. She spilled and took the old boat into its waters. The river flooded part of the trees that stand by the shore. The snow has just melted, so it’s big. look whole

In the village of Mikhailovskoye, a distance of many miles from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Pushkin was exiled for bold verses about freedom. There were no friends or relatives near him-only Arina Rodionovna’s kind nurse alone. On long winter evenings the poet read her new ones. look whole

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The Painting by Levitan “Vladimirka”