Composition of the “Phenomenon of Nature”

In literature, natural phenomena always symbolize the season to which they relate. Deep symbolism of every pore of the year has long been known. It is unlikely that any of the writers enter into their stories, rain or snow, simply because he so wanted. Especially this applies not to prosaic creativity, but to poetry, where there are no random words at all.

You can start from spring, when everything blooms, and nature begins to come to life. The most typical natural phenomena for this season, without any doubt, is the melting of snow, sometimes floods, already warm rains and, occasionally, thunderstorms.

All this has a certain meaning – rain, like melting snow, washes the earth, giving it the opportunity to give birth again, giving life to all plants and, consequently, to animals. Floods are nothing more than a punishment with which a person can not fight – because the forces will always be unequal. Spring rain, especially with a thunder-storm, is often sung

by poets as a sign of a certain renewal and spiritual bloom.

When it comes to summer, then in addition to a warm breeze and an infrequent short rain, morning dew and rainbow are most often mentioned. The last two points need to be clarified deeper, because they are of particular importance. When the sun is just rising, all the flowers and herbs come alive, covered with a thin film of water. Much has been written about these aspects, and therefore it is impossible to ignore them. The rainbow, in turn, is in general the key point of many myths and fairy tales.

Autumn is first and foremost a longing for the past. Gloomy, long days, when the sky is overcast and it rains all the time. The best time to think about your own life. Poets often glorify the depressive notes emerging at this time of the year. The end of autumn is marked by November and the first frost, as a sign of the end of the life cycle.

In winter, everything in the world falls asleep – the animals fall into a hibernation, the water in the rivers is shackled into ice chains, and people become apathetic and slow. But even in these, rather joyless moments, you can find something fun. For children, snow is very important – most winter fun is possible only when large, fluffy white hills appear. Similarly, frosty patterns on the windows are a symbol of the New Year with all its wonders.

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Composition of the “Phenomenon of Nature”