Man is the creator of his own happiness

People have long been trying to find a recipe for happiness – simple, easy and accessible to all. However, in the world until now, along with wealth, joy and youth, there are poverty, grief and disease. And this shows that there is no happiness that is the same for everyone!

What is happiness? Everyone has his own. For someone it’s a good job, for someone – children, for someone – money. The meaning of many people’s lives is just to find their own happiness.

I think that in order for your life to evolve as you want, you need to work hard, because nothing in the world is given simply. If you want to get a prestigious job, you need to study well and for long, if you want the children to grow up smart, healthy and kind, you can not take their arms up after the sleeves. Even authority over others must be earned, because people far from everyone will manage and manage themselves.

That’s why they say: man himself is the creator of his own happiness. Others can only help you in achieving the goal, support in a difficult moment, but the main work will have to be done on your own.

I still do not know who I will be when I grow up, but now I’m trying to do everything to make my future happy. I’m a good student, because knowledge of different subjects will certainly be useful to me in my work. I have many friends whom I consider correct and reliable. And I also go in for sports so that even in old age my body was strong and healthy.

I think that a person creates his happiness every minute, because you never know how your words and deeds will respond in the future. And I’m glad that my happiness will never be like the happiness of some other person on earth.

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Man is the creator of his own happiness