Composition is my first teacher

My first teacher was Olga Stepanovna. She seemed to me quite young, probably because she was very energetic and cheerful. Olga Stepanovna always thought out for us different holidays and extra-curricular activities, arranged small excursions around the city and picnics in the school garden. She was ready to help with any problem, explain after the lessons an example or a task. His lessons in mathematics Olga Stepanovna led with real inspiration, she was really in love with her subject.

My mother says that every parent meeting is a result. turned into a lesson in mathematics, because Olga Stepanovna wanted to explain to her parents what we did not understand. She always called us “swords”, and always sincerely wondered why we, such clever and capable children, can not understand in the second grade what we are taught in the sixth. As a result, when we moved from middle school to middle school, our new mathematics teacher discovered that we had already mastered the entire

fifth grade program, thanks to Olga Stepanovna.

What is a school? In my opinion, the school is our second home, because here we spend more time than anywhere else. Classmates, teachers – we are all like one family. Here we learn to understand each other, forgive, support friends in difficult times, help the elders. Perhaps we can say that the school is our friend and mentor. With the school we share love and joy, grief and failure.

And still. in the first place, the main value of the school is that it gives us a huge amount of knowledge that we take into adulthood. Let’s remember the folk proverbs: “Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness,” “Repetition is the mother of learning,” “Learning is always useful,” “What you know – do not wear it over your shoulders.” These are not empty words. If you are educated, intelligent, then you feel more confident, you can express your opinion more accurately, it is better to understand another person, to learn new quickly. Therefore, each of us should, at least, respect the school and its teachers.


school is a small life, which in its time lives every adult. This is one of the main stages of our life. Everything in the world begins with a small one, everything is born from a small, and then grows up: a small sprout becomes a big tree, a trickle flows into the river, words turn into sentences and big novels, from a few notes, great melodies form. So we: we begin to learn life in school. And then, in adulthood, we rely on our mind and the knowledge that we got in school. Thus, general education is simply necessary.

Unfortunately. many teenagers have a different attitude towards school than it should be. They think that you need to have fun in your youth. How to change this situation? It is necessary, in the words of the author of the text, “to learn to love learning.” I think that much depends on the parents: they should convince the children that it is necessary to study, because without knowledge it is impossible to survive in a huge and ever changing world.

After all, each of us dreams of a prosperous future. But to achieve this, it is necessary to make efforts, laying the foundation of this future in school. First of all, I need to change my attitude to studying: today I will not go to the cinema, but I will learn this and this, but then I will go to university, I will know two foreign languages, I will get a good job. You also need to learn to find interesting things in boring, at first glance, things. Do not like biology – try to prepare an additional message or an abstract, go to the botanical garden, to the nature museum and you will learn a lot of new and interesting things.

But we must remember that we must always rely on ourselves first, and the school will help us, strengthen our strength.

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Composition is my first teacher