“Booth” Uspensky in brief

At the corner of two lanes of the county town there was a police box. The soapbubber of the Mymrets, who lived in it, belonged to the category of people, completely “worthless in the army.” Such people are usually interested only in drinking, they are afraid to be afraid of their bosses before death, but bring all military drill to the end, turning them into those “worthless” ones. The whole point of Mymretsov was to say “drag” or “not let go.” He could not see the people any more, seeing in them only twigs. In relations with his wife, Mymrezov was absolutely passive, and she also – “a cat and a dog in one person.” Mymretsov saved silver piglets, hoping that “he will soon go his way” as soon as there are convenient circumstances.

When there is no need to drag anyone by the twists, Mymretsov is sad. But here is the visitor. Mymretsov asked only the location of the “collar” and went after him.

The woman in the meantime told the boothouse her story. She married a daughter, a washerwoman, and her husband began to raise her hand. Soon he went into the soldiers, the mother with her daughter and granddaughter began to live quietly, but the husband returned, called “Pilate”. He again began to beat his wife, and then told her that he was going to live with her in the village. The spouse refused to give up her household. As a result, Mymretsov brought a laundress to the prison. He did not care, and he grabbed the first of the family who fell under the arm.

When Mymretsov, satisfied with himself, sat down to smoke, another lady appeared in the booth. She said that one of her girls has been hiding in the house of a drunkard-tailor Danilka for two weeks already. Everything happened like this: after another drinking, Danilka found a woman at home. She melted the stove, brought the half-steward to get drunk, and Danilka left it at home. From that time they began to live together in endless drunkenness. When Mymretsov grabbed Danilka by the scruff of the neck, he yelled that he was going to marry Alena

Andreyevna, and the sentry had left him alone.

Happened and successful days, as when visiting detectives. Late in the evening Mymretsov went with them to the doss house, where he dragged people who had no documents. The same night the detectives caught a thief who had stolen a suitcase. He lived in a dressing room with his wife, a child and an old soldier-cripple. Here it was the expanse of Mymretsov.

In the box, in addition to Mymretsov and his wife, there were poor people who did not have a place, “where to lean your head,” but bringing booths to the owners. These poor peasants were from a provincial orchestra. One day an old man appeared in the box, looking for musicians for his daughter’s wedding. He talked about how difficult it is for women to live for peasants-drunkards, but there are no drinkers now. Ivan the violinist came with two attendants. One of them studied in a religious school, where his friend accidentally shot two fingers. Then he spent some time in the monastery, from where he left “on temptation.” I taught the children of one landowner who drank a lot. Once he struck a landowner in a dispute, but accidentally killed him. Coming out of prison, the narrator could not find a job. He took the violin from the wife of the deceased landowner and now surrenders it. Another attendant hands over the strings.

During the wedding, the bride went into another room and cried. Several elderly women tried to comfort her, but she still could not rejoice at the wedding with the lame one. Her husband shouted to demand his wife to her. On the threshold stood with a halberd Mymretsov, repeating “we do not allow…”.

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“Booth” Uspensky in brief