An excerpt from Mark Twain’s novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”

After a delicious lunch consisting of fish and eggs, Tom said that now he wants to learn how to smoke. Joe jumped at this thought and announced that he too would not mind. Huck made pipes and stuffed them with tobacco. They stretched out on the ground, leaning on their elbows, and began very carefully, with caution to draw smoke into them. The smoke was unpleasant to the taste, and they a little nauseated, but still Tom said:

– Yes it is quite easy! I knew this before, I would have learned a long time.

… The conversation continued, but soon he began to fade slightly, interrupted. The pauses became longer. Pirates spit more and more often. All pores in the mouth of the boys turned into fountains: they barely had time to clean the cellars under their tongue to prevent flooding. Despite all their efforts, they were filled with a throat, and every time after that, they began to feel horribly vomiting. Both were very pale, and they looked very pathetic. Joe had a pipe from his weak fingers, Tom had, too. Fountains and beat that there are forces, and pumps worked with might and main. Finally Joe spoke in a relaxed voice:

– I lost a knife… I’ll go look…

Tom said with trembling lips, stammering:

– I will help you. You go this way, and I go there… to the stream… No, Huck, you do not follow us, we’ll find for ourselves.

Huck sat down again and waited an hour. Then he became bored and went to look for his comrades. He found them in the forest far apart; both were pale and slept soundly…

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An excerpt from Mark Twain’s novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”