The teacher through the eyes of the student

She is tall, slender, with smoothly combed hair, in a strict dark suit and high-heeled shoes. She has a quiet voice. She rarely smiles. But if he smiles, then truly, sincerely, from this smile warmed to the soul. And she loves us.

She is our Irina Alexandrovna, and we are her class, her “children”.

She gives the impression of a business lady, but she does not like to command and dispose of. She wears glasses in a beautiful frame, and behind them – tired eyes. She has a family, and she sits with us in the class until late in the evening, if some school problems remained unsolved.

Why? Why is Irina Alexandrovna so devoted to school? Why does he sacrifice for us time that could be dedicated to his family? I dont know. There is something in it… Something unusual… Probably, what distinguishes the Teachers from the capital letter from all the others. And this must be born.

Of course, we are not angels. But Irina Alexandrovna rarely raises her voice. Does she explain the new topic on the Russian language, whether she proposes to go to the theater or reprimands someone – she always speaks quietly. When necessary – convincingly, when necessary – strictly and very rarely – affectionately. We would not respect her so if she screamed, tore at us her anger. But she would never do that. Precisely because she is a Teacher. She is patient. She teaches, and does not teach.

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The teacher through the eyes of the student