“My Mom’s Teacher” essay

My mother’s name is Svetlana Nikolaevna Tupitsyna. She has been working at school No. 1 as a primary school teacher for 17 years.

I believe that my mother is a teacher by vocation. As my grandmother told me, my mother always dreamed of becoming a teacher. There were no more professions for her! She began to “teach” as a child, playing only in the “School”. I was spending my toys: dolls, teddy bears, bunnies and started lessons. She wrote for them in her notebooks and put only five of them.

After graduation, my mother decided to go to the primary school teacher, my grandmother was categorically against my mother’s choice of the future profession, in every possible way dissuaded me. She said that the profession of a teacher is very difficult, ungrateful, nervous and, in general, working with children is a punishment! But my mother never doubted the correct choice of her profession. She clearly went to her dream – to become a teacher.


graduated from Irbitsky Pedagogical College with honors, my mother came to work as a primary school teacher at school # 1, where she studied, and now I am studying!

The work of the teacher is not an easy profession, but my mother never regretted the chosen path, although it was different: bewilderment, disappointment, irritation, bitter grievances, happiness of mutual understanding, joy of success, victories of her and her students.

The teacher is a difficult job, especially, as I said, recently. The whole day at school, and even at home, my mother is engaged in school problems: notes, projects, preparation of class hours, talks, competitions, holidays, work programs – yes, and do not list everything. I see how much work and patience is put into the work of the mother, that out of the small, disobedient mischievous, the thoughtful young people who are striving for their goal grew up. Mom prepares for the lessons for a long time: composes presentations, prepares templates, instruction cards, crosswords, then puzzles, then searches for cognitive material on the subject of the lesson, thinks

that he will develop and educate at the lesson with his students, and in the process conducts an educational conversation with me. Now my mother teaches first-graders, and I see that she prints reading cards every day for different groups of students. To interest children, my mother came up with a picture for a letter – silhouettes with letters and their elements. I often hear my mother say: “And what will I surprise my guys tomorrow?”.

Mom tries very hard and gives all her knowledge and energy to the children, trying to give a piece of her heat to each child. Relations with students Mom builds on mutual respect. It is distinguished by an unusual love for children, diligence, creativity, responsibility for each child, his destiny. She is not indifferent to the results of her work and the successes of her students. Love and gratitude are answered by the disciples to mother. And, probably, it is no accident that graduates often visit her at school and even come to visit us at home. Over a cup of tea talk about their problems and successes. I see how my mother is happy for them, always interested in their fate after finishing school.

Despite the fact that her mother teaches children, she constantly learns and improves her professional level: she graduated from Nizhny Tagil Pedagogical Institute, attends courses, various seminars, reads pedagogical literature, tries to keep abreast of all the novelties of education and upbringing.

My mother has a lot of letters and letters of appreciation for her work.

I am proud of my mother, and my mother is proud that she is a Teacher!

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“My Mom’s Teacher” essay