Composition on the topic “Kind man”

I live at home in an apartment, I have parents who love me, take care of me. Of course, they can be called kind people, they buy me food and clothes, without demanding anything in return. Concerning other people, we can say that they are good or evil by nature.

I believe that I can determine which person is in front of me, good or bad. A good person in his eyes says that he wants you only good and if he scolds me for some mistake, then, just because it will be better for me.

And what is good? This is an invisible, intangible part of a person that tells you how to behave in a given situation. A kind person can always help, without demanding anything in return, he has enough gratitude in his eyes or even an inner sense of calm and satisfaction with the fact that he has done a good deed.

Learn to be kind, probably impossible, this quality of a person depends on his character, education in the earliest childhood. But, if you set a goal, you can cultivate these qualities

yourself, carefully look around who can need my help. You do not even have to wait for the person to ask, but, to respond to his needs himself and simply do it.

I try to do this, but I do not always succeed, therefore, I can not call myself completely kind. When I do a good deed and I see that it’s nice for a person, it’s warm and pleasant to get warm, and I want to run and jump from the feeling of self-satisfaction. And even when parents praise, there is no limit to joy.

If a person tries to do everything unselfishly, without demanding anything in return, then he can be called good. Such a person has many friends and he can expect a good relationship. And if he needs help or some kind of service, friends will gladly help him, too, disinterestedly.

I think that a good person will be easier in this life, when I help others, then, and other people will help me, even if not all, but, most, for sure. And how nice to live when you know that you need someone, even a stranger.

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Composition on the topic “Kind man”