What is the discovery?

What is the discovery?

Composition on the fragment of V. Krapivin’s story “Stars in the Rain”.

Option 1

Opening is a new achievement, made unexpectedly or as a result of observations. This is a find in some area of ​​knowledge, a previously unknown fact or a new pattern.

In the text of V. Krapivin, the discovery is made by a boy, fascinated by astronomy, who saw the sky in the dome of the umbrella. This discovery happened suddenly and very pleased the hero.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about examples of discoveries from real life is the law of universal gravitation of Newton, one of the main in physics. The scientist, seeing the falling apple, concluded that the Earth attracts all the bodies to itself.

In fact, discoveries are a necessary part of the development and evolution of man and the scientific world.

Option 2

I can give the following definition of discovery: it is something that a person has not encountered before, the discovery of something new for himself. Discoveries are of a scientific and personal nature.

With an example of personal discovery, we are introduced to the story of a boy, frozen in anticipation of a jump from the roof of a barn. He accidentally realized that the inside of the umbrella is like the sky, and if you draw a star on it, then the dome of the umbrella will resemble a starry sky.

Randomness sometimes helps to make scientific discoveries. The Scottish scientist

Alexander Fleming once noticed how a greenish mold, which multiplied in one of Petri dishes, killed all the staphylococci there. So was opened penicillin.

Opening is knowing the next mystery of the surrounding world.

Option 3

Opening – is the discovery of some new knowledge, the disclosure of some mystery, previously unknown to man. Discoveries move science forward and help a person improve his life.

The boy in the story I read by V. Krapivin takes a long time to examine the world around him, peers into the dome of the umbrella over his head and makes his personal discovery: this dome looks like the sky, and if you draw stars on it, you will get an accurate map of the constellations. The opening inspired the hero so much that he even decided to jump from the roof of the shed without a “parachute”!

All of humanity, like this boy, also made various discoveries throughout his history. The properties of fire, metals were discovered; observations and experiments led people to discover electricity, radio waves and many other natural phenomena that they managed to “tame.”

Discoveries are steps on the path of development of man and mankind as a whole, and climbing over them, we conquer diseases, build spacecraft, improve our lives.

What is the discovery?