What is the courage to write

What is the courage to write

Courage is fearlessness, courage. This is a quality that allows a person without delay, forgetting about the risk, rush to help someone or stand up for someone’s protection.

In the story of JI. Voronkova bold act is committed Valentine, who “forgot everything in the world” and saved the boy Romank from possible death.

People like this brave girl are many. Last summer in the yard a huge dog rushed to the kid, who ran to the sandbox. An unfamiliar teenager saw this, picked up the child and literally took off with him on the hill.

Brave people all cause deserved admiration.

In my understanding, courage is the ability to safely put yourself in danger for the sake of a good deed. Courage drives those who save people during a fire, go safely to heavy

expeditions, go to battle with the enemy. However, in ordinary life, there are many examples of courageous actions.

The events described in the story about the salvation of Romanc could have occurred in spring in any city where there is a river. The boy was carried away on a torn ice floe, and suddenly a little Valentinka girl came to help him. She bravely rushed into the water and pulled out the boy.

People say: the brave one is not one who does not know fear, but who knows and comes to meet him. This is exactly what Valentine did, and all brave people behave this way.

Therefore, I believe that it is courage that allows, forgetting about fear, to rush to the aid of someone who needs it. After all, as they say in the proverb, from the brave and death runs!

I know that courage is a quality opposite to cowardice. This courage, the confidence that you need to act immediately, despite the danger, forgetting about yourself.

Courage can be needed in the most unforeseen situations.

Such an event is described in the story I read. The guys who played on the river bank could not foresee that the ice floe could split and take away Romance. And while they, confused, gave him advice, Valentine, forgetting about fear, saved the boy. I consider this act very courageous!

Bold can also be called my father: he was not afraid to chase after a thief, who once snatched a bag from an unfamiliar woman. He detained the criminal and returned the bag to the mistress.

Courage inspires respect, you want to imitate the bold.

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What is the courage to write