Trip to Moscow

Trip to Moscow

I went to Moscow with my parents on a summer vacation. The capital has left me the impression of a huge, great and rich city. I would like to visit her more than once.

Walking in the center, I saw the Kremlin, Red Square, the burial of various great people at the Kremlin wall, including a small black Lenin Mausoleum. I saw the famous chimes on the Kremlin tower, the battle of which sounds on TV for every New Year. But most of all I liked the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed. With its colorful multi-colored domes and turrets, it reminds us of a magical palace.

In Moscow, a lot of beautiful flower beds with flowers and fountains. For example, on Poklonnaya Hill a large flower clock is created, and the fountains are highlighted with a bright red light. They can not be distinguished

from the flames.

The Moscow River was much wider than I expected. We rode on the river tram and watched the big ships. In the evening we passed along the Kremlin embankment, it was lit brightly, as in the afternoon.

In general, the entire capital in the evening in neon lights. The central department store resembles the house of the Barbie doll – each window is highlighted. It’s very luxurious. In Moscow, there are also many shops and restaurants designed for millionaires. Russians as a whole can not afford this. I consider this inequality to be unfair.

People in Moscow are all in a hurry and go fast in crowds. Therefore, I was very afraid of accidentally losing my parents.

In Moscow, a lot of skyscrapers, for example, “Moscow City”. My father and mother took me to a skyscraper, where on the tenth floor was a children’s entertainment town. There I had fun with all my heart!

It was impossible to visit the capital and not go to the Tretyakov Gallery. I just got lost there among the many pictures. It would have been better if several small museums were made to look at the pictures without getting bored. Most of all I remember the famous landscape of Shishkin’s “Morning in the Pine Forest.” The picture is as if alive! It seems that you can walk about it, go to painted cubs and pat them.

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Trip to Moscow