“Modern man” composition

Asked by the question “What does it mean to be a modern person?”, I decided to do a little research. My goal was to reveal the main features of my contemporaries and, in the end, portray a portrait of a modern person. But, a little closer to the people around me, I realized that the maximum my achievement would be a snapshot of somewhere eternally rushing people. Armed with all the necessary, I went to the streets of the city. So, what is he, a modern man?

First, the existence of modern man is closely connected with the technical achievements of progress. He penetrated into all spheres of human life: from household appliances in the kitchen and mobile phones in his pocket to high-tech computers in the office and miracle equipment in clinics. Modern man is powerful because of technology and helpless without it.

A modern person works with a lot of information, because we live in an information age. It has the ability to instantly update, so my contemporaries have

a quick reaction and good learning ability.

Modern man is the bearer of progressive views. He destroys in his mind (and this is in every possible way facilitated by the surrounding reality) stereotypes and patterns that prevent him from freely living and developing. He strives for harmony with himself and the whole world. Modern man is a mobile person. He is always ready to be at the other end of the city, on the other end of the country, on another continent. This is required by our era, for which there are no barriers and divisions.

Modern man is active and energetic. A modern person works very hard, so he has almost no free time. The modern person cares about his health and appearance, so he necessarily does sports (at least plays cards or billiards), visits beauty salons and fashion shows.

Modern man is a person who is confident in himself and boldly looks to the future.

Photographic positivity of modern man is complete. But, like any photo, ours also has a negative side.

A modern man, especially living in a big city, is very lonely. Today people in many ways have forgotten how

to communicate with each other, spending time together. Personal communication is replaced by a telephone, TV, computer. Often the circle of people’s interests is narrowed to their immediate job duties, and at home they prefer to stupidly look at the TV.

The modern person “lives” at work, he has no time to relax and marvel at the beauty of the blossoming tree near his house or just smile past the passing girl.

Modern man lives in constant haste, the pursuit of success, money, career. From this, his life turns into a constant stress, growing into insomnia and depression. The fact that in the modern world has increased the number of mental illnesses, various phobias and nervous disorders.

But… stop! Our description is somewhat superficial. It is most interesting for me to learn about the feelings and experiences, dreams and problems of modern man. Especially want to penetrate into the inner world of the younger generation. To do this I will help Erlenda Lu’s novel “Naive Super.” His hero, a modern young man, is experiencing an internal crisis in connection with his growing up: “I suddenly came to a point, everything lost interest for me.” Having celebrated the 25th anniversary, the young man evaluates his life and comes to sad conclusions: “But this is what I do not have:

– feelings that everything is somehow connected and should end well, … “

This puts the hero in a state of despondency, because “a few things from the list of absences seem to me absolutely necessary in order to live as I would like.”

To somehow sort out himself, the young man breaks with old ties and secures himself in his brother’s apartment. There he for the first time seriously and deeply reflects on himself and his loved ones, about the people with whom life confronts him. A young man observes and tries to understand the life of modern society, of which he is a member. The hero observes nature, reflects on the laws of the universe. He understands that he simply needs “to suddenly discover the causal connection of things, I would understand the essence of things and phenomena, I would see the logic of world events and human behavior, I would also learn to control myself and evoke in people the manifestations of the best that there is in every person… “.

Throughout the novel, doubting, experiencing and knowing, the hero goes to the cherished goal. Of course, in the final he does not reach it, because this goal is global. Go to it you need all your life. But the conclusions to which the hero comes at the end of the novel are very consoling. They allow us to assert that the young man with honor passed the test that life and human nature prepared for him: “I still do not know what the connection between things is and whether everything will eventually be good.

But I believed that there are important things.

I believe in purifying the soul through play and fun.

I believe in love.

And I have some good friends and only one bad.

And my brother is also cute and, certainly, no worse than me. “

On the example of the novel by E. Lu “Naive Super” I wanted to show that, as it were, human life did not change outwardly, no matter how far civilization went, inwardly a person changes very little. The modern person is worried about all the same eternal problems that people had centuries ago. My contemporary also looks for himself, seeks his love and happiness, tries to learn the laws of the universe, seeks to improve the world in which he lives. And this, I think, is fine. It is the unchanging human basis, in my opinion, that allows a person to remain a Man. To torment, seek, cognize, make life better…

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“Modern man” composition