How we collected mushrooms

On weekends my family and I liked to go out to the forest to rest, pick mushrooms and berries. Dad says that the collection of mushrooms is called “quiet hunt”. So we decided to hunt this Sunday. With us in the woods my cousin Vladik was invited. He still never went far into the forest and did not pick mushrooms. He was very interested.

We quickly got to the forest by train. They took their buckets and baskets, dozing off Vladik – and, passing through the glade, went deep into the pine forest. Along the way, an experienced mushroom picker, the pope found a few mushrooms and, on an example, explained to us which edible mushrooms and which ones are poisonous. Vladik immediately grabbed his basket and ran away from us for about twenty steps – so that we did not prevent him from looking for strong boletuses, mosses and pimples.

Time passed, and it became interesting to me: who managed to collect how much? I went to make a detour. Is it clear now. My

bucket with a barely covered bottom clearly lost alongside my father – half full. At the mom in the basket lay five strong beautiful fungi, and Vladik even less – two. Vladik frowned at my father:

– Uncle Sasha, you are hiding something. Come on, teach us how to collect.

Dad laughed and asked:

– Do you look under the bushes, bend low to the ground?

We assured that we are looking and bowing.

-Well, then we go further – we’ll see how it goes.

Vladik tailed behind his dad. He did not move away from him a single step, thinking that Dad knew some magic words, and wanted to overhear them. I understood that my father was more experienced than all of us in this business, he is a mushroomer with experience and knows all the subtleties of “quiet hunting”. And we – just learn this. But still did not want to lag behind.

Confused, we walked among the trees, bent to the ground and almost sniffed every mound where a mushroom might have appeared. Then I noticed that my father and my brother were whispering something mysteriously, after

which Vladik grabbed his bucket and ran to one side.

– Uncle Sasha, it turns out! – heard a joyful yell from there in a few minutes.

At halt we again compared the results. Imagine, Vladik was in second place after the pope! I asked how he did it.

-And my uncle Sasha and my eyes changed. He said to them: “Eye-eyes, go to Vladik, look for mushrooms” – they obeyed.

I realized that this was just a joke, but I also wanted to fill my bucket. And I asked my brother to borrow “dad’s eyes” to me. Vladik agreed.

Surprisingly, I soon felt the difference. The mushrooms seemed to pop up under my feet. I mixed half a bucket, I gave my daddy’s eyes to my mother.

We arrived home with buckets and baskets full of mushrooms. People in the train looked at us with envy and admiration, and Vlad boasted of his “booty.”

So we helped Dad trick.

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How we collected mushrooms