Intelligence writing

Undoubtedly, a person should be intelligent, even if it seems inappropriate in the environment where a person rotates. But what is the basis for the intelligence that is so necessary for us to live? D. S. Likhachev is convinced that the very intelligence does not depend on high education or knowledge of culture and languages, but on a special aesthetic sense, sensitivity to everything beautiful, and most importantly, from sensitivity and responsiveness.

If a person has this characteristic, then he can be called intelligent, even if this person will forget “everything in the world, will not know the classics of literature, will not remember the greatest works of art, forget the most important historical events.” I share the author’s point of view. Indeed, intelligence is impossible without a special moral basis, which is surely strong, so as not to let a person go aside, confuse the bad with the good.

To do this, one must not let evil penetrate into the soul, envy, indifference, anger, to preserve the ability to understand another person and evaluate him according to his dignity. The very life of DS Likhachev is proof of this. Having gone through Stalin’s camps, being near to thieves, criminals, he remained true to himself. The moral basis does not appear in man simply. It is laid in it from childhood, is acquired through long reflections, sometimes painful and tearing the soul. But if this basis exists, then a person can stand firmly on his feet.

Parents, classical literature help children understand “what is good and what is bad.” A person should be educated in himself not only the mind, but also the soul, cultivate the sama.

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Intelligence writing