Buddhist Parable “Mustard seed”

Once Buddha met an elderly woman. She was crying bitterly – her life was not easy. The woman asked the Buddha to help her.

“Your life is hardly different from that of other people,” the Buddha replied. “But I will help you get rid of sadness.” To do this, I need a mustard seed, which you must bring from a home in which you never knew grief.

Encouraged by the words of the Buddha himself, the woman began searching, and the Buddha went his own way. Much later he met her again – a woman rinsed in the river linen and sang.

The Buddha immediately understood what had happened, but nevertheless approached and asked if she could find a dwelling, the life in which was absolutely happy and carefree. “No,” answered the woman, “wherever I went, I everywhere saw troubles much worse than mine!”

“Are you looking for more?” asked the Buddha.

“Later,” the woman answered, “and for now I have to help some people-they were even less fortunate than me.”

“You know, you do not need a mustard seed,” Buddha decided. “You already found what you were looking for.”

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Buddhist Parable “Mustard seed”