What is solicitude?

In the composition there are references to the story of B. Ekimov “Gift”.

Option 1

Caring in my understanding is a desire to help, to facilitate the life of a loved one or to provide him with comfort. Care can not exist without sensitivity, generosity, attentiveness.

These qualities we find in the heroine of B. Ekimov’s story. The girl who prepared the gifts she really needed for her relatives did it not formally, but joyfully, with all her heart.

In addition, true care is selfless. When I visited a sick grandmother in the hospital, I noticed how one nurse carefully and carefully treated all patients in the ward. She found sincere, kind words for everyone.

Caring is a beautiful character trait that unites people.

Option 2

I think that caring is such a quality that is expressed in compassion, sympathy, desire to take part in the life of other people in order to improve it. The ability to take care speaks of the sensitivity

and kindness of a person.

In the text read, caring is a trait of the girl’s character, which shares joy in her train with her girlfriend. She did not just have time to buy gifts for the New Year: each of her relatives picked up something really necessary. Mom – slippers on felt, grandmother – sweets for people suffering from diabetes, grandfather – his favorite detectives. The girl was sincerely happy herself, anticipating the smiles and gratitude of her family.

Volunteer work in nursing homes can also serve as an example of caring. Visiting old people and helping the infirm people, volunteers prolong their life.

So, wanting to make others feel nice, you need to take care of them.

Option 3

In my understanding, caring is a desire to surround loved ones with attention and love, to help, without waiting for requests for help. This feeling must be sincere, disinterested.

In B. Ekimova’s story, caring is a feature of a girl who, long before the New Year, bought presents for all her relatives. Her story touched all the unwitting listeners in the car.

The girl bought her family not just trinkets, she chose gifts with sincere concern for each of the family members.

Such care for my former old teacher is also shown by my mother. She knows exactly what to please Inna Nikolaevna during the holidays, what kind of wallpaper to choose her in the kitchen or what bake pie for her coming to visit. Mom does it somehow joyfully, and we always sincerely try to help her.

Caring, as it seems to me, binds people with invisible threads of good.

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What is solicitude?