What is humanity?

What is humanity? The answer, it would seem, is obvious and ready to immediately get off the tongue, but in fact it is not so simple. To formulate it correctly and most accurately, I had to think long. And here’s what conclusions I came to.

Humanity… What is behind this word? What did the people who invented it say? Probably, it is a question of set of qualities which are peculiar to the person and which distinguish it from other living beings. What are these qualities? Let’s understand.

If you look closely at the animal world, you can find that often animals, birds and even fish show laudable qualities. The wolf mother will never abandon her cubs and will defend them until the last. Adult swallows tirelessly carry food to small chicks until they grow up and grow stronger. Many cats are ready to feed even foreign kittens, not to mention their… The dog remains loyal to its master and can even sacrifice his life for him.

Is it possible to call

this behavior human? Of course not. Animals obey only instinct. For example, the instinct of procreation – that’s why they care so much for their offspring. Or the instinct of self-preservation – as in the example with the dog. She knows that without a person she will not survive – she is so arranged. And therefore protects the owner to the last. And not because he consciously sacrifices himself.

Everything is different in the world of people. Yes, in many ways, we too are guided by instincts. But man does good not only because of them. And this is what I call humanity! That is good, that is not inherent in nature, but is embedded in us by God.

What examples can be cited? Well, here, say, people with disabilities or deadly sick. In the animal world, such individuals bite their own or leave to the mercy of fate. Because they already have no value. They do not give birth to healthy offspring, they can not defend themselves from the enemy… According to the laws of evolution and the jungle, the weak die. And in human society it’s not like that. Because we listen not only to

instincts, but also to our souls. And she says: “Everyone is the creation of God, and his life is priceless.” Therefore, we help the weak, and do not destroy them. Manifesting thus humanity and proving his special role in this world. Man came to earth not only to extend the race. He came to decorate this world, to make it better…

So, let’s summarize. Humanity, in my opinion, is a whole set of qualities that are aimed at good and are not the result of instincts. This is charity, compassion, sensitivity, tolerance and tolerance to one’s neighbor, responsiveness, caring for the weak, kindness.

In the history of the planet, there were many examples where whole states behaved antihumanly. For example, in Ancient Sparta, weak, sick children were thrown off the cliff; in Japan once cruelly got rid of the elderly, considering them a ballast for society. But what is ancient? More recently, fascism dominated in the center of Europe, and people were killed only because they were not what they wanted.

The absence of humanity always leads to terrible consequences. This is death, pain, tears and destruction. Therefore, each of us must develop it in ourselves. And always remember that we are people. And behave, sometimes even worse than animals!

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What is humanity?