Smile of fate

Smile of fate

(on the tale of Charles Perrault “Cinderella”) French writer Charles Perrault was born in 1628. And in 1697 the first collection of his fairy tales was published in France. It turned out that this state husband, poet and critic, academician of the French Academy, was fond of folk narratives and entertained them with the royal court. But Charles Perrault seemed that a fairy tale – this is not serious genre, so he said that the fairy tale was written by his son, and he only came up with short and meaningful teachings to them. Charles Perrault’s book “Mother’s Tales of the Goose” is the first collection of a specific author (this is the difference between the author’s fairy tale and the folk tale).

So Charles Perrault became one of the

founders of the world literary fairy tale. We all know his famous fairy tales: “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Cat in Boots”, “Cinderella” and others. A favorite tale of many girls is, of course, “Cinderella”. Almost every girl dreams of being in her place. Cinderella is the main heroine of Charles Perrault’s fairy tale “The Crystal Shoe”. She is kind, kind, gentle, and, of course, very beautiful – “all in the mother, the best woman in the world.” She never tried to “thank the same coin” to her sisters who laughed at her. The sisters knew that she had good taste – and always conferred, what to wear, asked to do haircuts, but they did not consider her even.

Cinderella washed the dishes, washed the laundry, did all the black work, but did not grumble and sincerely helped the sisters in everything, worked diligently. And after her wedding, she even took the sisters to her palace and married two young nobles. Cinderella obediently endured all the injustices and never dared to complain to her father. But her sisters and stepmother, as if even more hated her, because she is not like them either, because they certainly would not have lost the opportunity to laugh at someone and do something bad.

It is for her kindness, sincerity, the

girl will smile at fate. Cinderella does not demand from the fate of reward, she only dreams – and dreams come true. Cinderella still finds her thread of happiness amidst a tangle of problems and obstacles that hinder her, receives a reward – a beautiful dress, crystal shoes, but, of course, not only they help her get the main thing – the love of the beautiful prince.

Cinderella turned into the “most beautiful in the world” princess, admired, who are trying to imitate everyone, even her sisters and stepmother, and at the end of the fairy tale married the prince. Cinderella is really just lucky, because someone is easy to say, but it’s hard to really set your soul on good feelings towards people who have offended you. At least just give them everything that belongs to them in justice. So, it is necessary to reflect on the morality, veiled between the lines of this fairy tale: is it not a hidden desire in it to teach people to excuse each other? Sorry not only in words, but in the soul. It is not evil to be one to one, to be noble, kind.

Behind the image of Cinderella is an ideal, extremely clearly and accurately depicted by the author of this tale. Each of us should from time to time strive for this ideal. And, perhaps, the closer we stand to him, the more closely we are concerned with destiny. After all, our happiness depends on our actions, both from the good and the bad. She still some day will return to us and smile with her magic smile, from the radiance of which golden dots will dance on the walls.

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Smile of fate