Composition on the theme of time

“The greatest treasure is time given to me for life.” This is probably the best idea, the best aphorism about the time I heard. Its essence is that time should be appreciated: every minute.

What is time? I always imagined time as something that can not be measured. Suppose that there are measures of time: hours, minutes, years, seconds, its very concept still always seemed immeasurable to me. However, time has a scientific definition – it is a measure of the duration of the existence of all objects. Our whole world is built on the concept of time, all the phenomena and events on the planet somehow depend on it.

It is believed that time flows irreversibly, that is, only forward: from the past to the present, and then to the future. There is no time machine in nature, although science fiction writers have always imagined in her books her invention: it is impossible to actually go back in time and live the moments of life that were lived before from anew. This can only be done in thoughts.

Our physics teacher says that there is no unified theory of time in the world. There is only a mass of different theories, which on one hand, then on the other approach the time. Some of them even contradict each other and argue with each other. For example, the theory of the time axis tells that time is a straight line. It leads from the past to the future. And the theory of relativity divides all events into past, future and uncertain.

A typical person who does not aspire to physics scientists, you just need to learn how to correctly plan the time in life. Develop in itself punctuality, the ability to save time somewhere, the habit of spending hours with benefit. Then you can get there and do not regret spending your time.

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Composition on the theme of time