What are common nouns

Nouns distinguish their proper names and nominal names. He names his own name by name, the name of the person, the nickname calls the animal, geographical names, etc. And the common name calls the object without specificity, that is, it is its general name. For example, a boy is a common noun, and Vasya, Tolya, Sasha are their own names. Cat, dog, horse – common names, and nicknames of animals Murzik, Polkan, Swallow – their own names.

Sometimes the proper name becomes a household name. This happens if the proper name belongs to a real or fictional person, an object whose properties are perceived as typical. In Gogol’s “Dead Souls” a character with the surname Manilov was beautifully written. Manilov’s traits are inherent in many and many people, so his name became a household name when used in relation to other people. For example: “Manilovs sit in the Ministry of Education of Russia, they believe that the reforms that they carry out

in their life promote education.” In this case, the desired word is used with a small letter. You can also say: “Unfortunately, our space industry is only capable of producing Titanic”, we thus hint that all our companions, like the real “Titanic”

To put it simply, the names are generic, they are nouns that denote the naming of an entire class, or groups of words, called by them. They can unite these names by some of the characteristics that are prussing this noun. But when this is not called the subject specifically, but talk about it in general terms, unlike the names of their own. For example parrots, this is a household name. And the parrot Karella, this is already a proper name. Because it specifically refers not only to the genus of these birds, but specifically the appearance of this parrot.

The name is a common name, it is a kind of word turnover, which later became a symbol of the concept that contains in itself.

Or is it a group of concepts integrated into one concept, for example:

Cats love milk.

Cats in this case – a common noun, since it

means that all cats love milk, and not some one, that is, there is not something specific, but related to one concept.

Nouns can be expressed as a proper name and a common noun. A proper name means a specific identity, that is, the name of a person, the name of the animal, the name of the city, the street, the name of the company, etc. And the common name does not specify the subject, it names the general group. For example, the company “Venus”. The company is a common noun, Venus is a proper name.

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What are common nouns