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The most beautiful parks in Moscow

Places where you can walk, enjoy nature, sit in a secluded spot on a bench, have a tasty snack in a cafe – all these are city parks. There are always people walking, especially on holidays or weekends. Moscow is no exception. Muscovites, tired of the noise and tempo of a large metropolis, tend to be in the bosom of nature, to enjoy peace. In the Russian capital, many recreation parks. In addition to parks in Moscow, there are other attractions. Only on Red Square there are several. On the site uznayvse. ru there is a detailed article about the most interesting sights.

Izmailovsky Park

For the whole day you can go to Izmailovsky Park. It is the largest in terms of area in the capital. There you can walk, admire small lakes, feed ducks. For those wishing to go in for sports or play volleyball there are several sports grounds with simulators.

Silver-Grape pond, located within the park, invites everyone to relax on the

beach or ride a catamaran and boats. You can rent a boat on the Round Pond. A variety of attractions, horseback riding, skating – all this is offered to holidaymakers within the boundaries of Izmailovsky Park.

Museon Park

An unusual place, also called the park of arts, is called Museon. The park was laid in the twenties of last century, as a continuation of Gorky Park. The project was not implemented. The park was created only in the eighties, but it acquired its final appearance, like the name, in 1992.

The uniqueness of the Museum is that there is a sculpture museum under the open sky. Several hundred monuments and sculptures are installed throughout the territory, which is divided into thematic zones. In the Museum there are seminars of sculptors, master classes, showing works by young sculptors. The park impresses with the breadth of the exposition and the surrounding aura of creativity.

Alexandrovsky Park

A surprising place is the Alexander Park, located in the historical center of the capital. It stretches along the Kremlin wall. This park – magnificent fountains, sculptures,

well-groomed lawns and trees, the fragrance of nature, a soulful atmosphere.

There are a lot of sights in this place: Kutafia Tower, Monument to Patriarch Hermogen, Grotto Ruins, monument-obelisk, and the grave of an unknown soldier.

The best parks and gardens in the world

Parks and gardens – a clear example of how a person can create together with nature a unique abode of peace, coolness and harmony. Some of them are so beautiful that they can be called miracles of light.

The Versailles Garden (France)

This world-famous garden was founded by Louis the Fourteenth on terraces leaving the palace down. There you can see sculptures, fountains, flower beds with flowers, swimming pools.

The area occupied by the famous gardens is nine hundred hectares. The style of decoration is the classical style of the French park. Versailles Park is one of the most visited places in France, its important landmark.

Nong Nooch Park (Thailand)

Near the Pattaya stretches the tropical park of Nong Nooch. Fabulous views and picturesque landscapes make it popular. Every day there are at least two thousand people.

Botanical gardens are spread over an area of ​​two hundred and forty hectares. The entire territory is divided into the following gardens: Garden pots, Garden umbrellas, European garden, French garden, Butterfly garden, Orchid garden, Garden of pineapples, Garden groves, Stonehenge, etc. The world’s largest collection of palms is collected in the Blue Garden, thousands of hundred different palm trees.

Keukenhof (The Netherlands)

The most beautiful park of flowers is, of course, in Holland – this is the royal park Keukenhof. He gained fame thanks to tulip meadows, where about seven million flowers grow.

The park covers an area of ​​thirty-two hectares. Despite the fact that Keukenhof is open for visits only two months a year, about eight hundred thousand people manage to visit it.

The most unusual park in the world

The most unusual park in the world, perhaps, is the Park of Cosmic Reflections. It was opened in Scotland and was conceived as the embodiment of the universe in miniature. In this remarkable place one can find echoes of all sciences – mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry.

Science and wildlife are combined in bizarre forms, causing visitors to reflect on the nature of the world. There is a huge DNA spiral, and symbolic black holes. It’s not so easy to visit this garden, it only opens several times a year.

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Gardens and parks