What does the history of the Motherland teach a person?

Can the history of our country teach us something? Maybe if we want it for ourselves!

If I were a history teacher, I would teach a lesson on “What lessons can we learn from the mistakes we made in the past?”

In this lesson, I would tell the children about what the Russians had experienced in the last century, and would suggest that the students themselves try to draw conclusions. Of course, we would not have succeeded at once, but to force people to think about past mistakes, to try not to repeat them is very important for our common development, for progress, to go forward, and not to come back again and again, through which it was already necessary to pass.

The history of the Motherland teaches us that in our past almost everything was already there. We just need to remember something from our history, to learn from the experience of our ancestors.

Deputies are arguing hoarse about the right to land, but one has only to see the experience of the Stolypin reforms once again – everything is there.

We say that the army is in decline, the guys do not want to serve. And it’s worth looking back, and we’ll see that when more attention was paid to the army, more funds were allocated to it, it was much better, and the guys went to serve with joy and pride.

Many more could be given in this lesson examples. The main thing that I would try to convey to my students is that we do not need to adopt someone else’s experience – we should take a closer look at our history and everything will fall into place!

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What does the history of the Motherland teach a person?