What are the epics

Bylina is a folk-epic song written in tonic verse. Each work consists of a song, a beginning and an ending. The first part of the epic was rarely associated with the main storyline, basically this entry was written to attract attention. The beginning is the main event to which the epic is dedicated. The ending is the last part of the epic, in which, as a rule, a solemn feast dedicated to the victory over the enemies was described. There are several types of epic tune – stern, majestic, fast, cheerful, calm and even buffy.

Each story was patriotic, its stories were always laudatory and told of the invincibility of Rus, the dignity of the prince and brave defenders, who immediately came to the rescue if the population was threatened by trouble. The very term “epic” began to be used only from the 1830s, it was introduced by scientist Ivan Sakharov. The real name of the songs about the heroes is “antiquities”.

The main heroes in the epics were

mighty Russian heroes. The characters were endowed with superhuman strength, courage and courage. Bogatyr, even alone, could cope with any enemy. The main task of these characters is to protect Russia from the encroachments of enemies.

Ilya Muromets, Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich and Vladimir Krasnoe Solnyshko – these names can be found in almost every legend. Prince Vladimir was the ruler of the Russian lands, and the heroes – the hope and protection of the Russian people.

A lot of facts concerning authors of bylinas, time and territory of their writing remain a mystery up to our days. Most researchers came to the conclusion that the most ancient tales were written no more than three hundred years ago. In Wikipedia, for example, you can study several different theories and facts that scientists have identified.

The overwhelming number of epic stories was written by scholar-gatherers from the words of residents of certain localities. In total there are about forty stories of legends, but the number of texts already reaches one and a half thousand copies. Each epic is a special value

for Russian culture, a folk epic, as well as for scientists and folklorists. The narrators could be people of different professions, so in the texts they mentioned more understandable and close to them comparisons. According to the storyteller-tailor, for example, the severed head was compared with a button.

Bylins were not written by one author. These are legends that made up the Russian people, and the lyrics were passed on from generation to generation. Songs were performed by certain people who were called “narrators”. Such a person must have special qualities. The fact is that the text of the epic was never memorized by the narrators by heart, so the narrator had to independently connect the stories, select comparisons, memorize important facts and be able to retell them without distorting the meaning.

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What are the epics