Through the thorns to the stars

A very correct Latin expression, because nothing is given in vain in life. Of course, if you did not catch luck with the tail (again, as they say).

Ternia is a very prickly plant, so imagine how much you need to wade through these thorns (betrayal, lies, misunderstanding.) To achieve the result that you desire (the stars).

This is a huge work, people all their lives get what they want (some of course). There are those people who just go with the flow and do nothing to live better.

Remember the parable of the frogs? One of them has drowned having folded legs, another has beaten up oil and has got out outside. So let’s climb through the thorns, whip the butter. But to live so that we would not be ashamed and everything we had.

That through thorns, that through thorns – in fact, this is the same thing. A well-known Latin expression says that the road to success is rarely paved with roses. Much more often it is necessary to lay it through prickly bushes

of envy, betrayal and misunderstanding – figuratively speaking through thorns. After all, thorns are thorny bushes, sometimes it is called thorns, or simply thorns, thorns.

Remember, even Jesus on his way to Golgotha ​​had a crown of thorns on his head and although in the eyes of the executioners he symbolized something completely different, it turned out like a proverb. Summarizing, you can see that the stars in this expression symbolize something sublime, and thorns – obstacles on the way to this.

The meaning of the phrase “Through thorns to the stars” is that one should strive for the stars, even if on the path of thorns. The thorns are thorns, that is, the bush-thorns. And under the stars in this phrase is meant enlightenment, enlightenment and the like, that is, the path to knowledge. And VI Lenin had his own phrase with a similar meaning. It sounded like this: Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness.

The phrase “Through thorns to the stars” says that one must develop, even if in the way of thorns, that is, difficulties and overcoming one’s own laziness.

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Through the thorns to the stars