What is social justice?

What is social justice?

What do the words “fair play”, “fair rule”, “fair judge”, “fair man” mean for you?

The concept of “justice” has arisen in human society for a very long time. When it comes to the relationship of people, most often, justice means a correct, objective, unprejudiced attitude toward something or someone. However, the notion of “justice” is also applied to society as a whole: a system is recognized as socially just, when everyone gets what he has the right, provided that the rights of others are also not violated.

Justified are such relationships of people, actions, deeds that correspond to the moral, ethical and legal norms of a democratic society.

It is clear that creating a society or a state under

such laws is very difficult, because individuals and social groups often have different and even opposite needs and interests. To satisfy them fairly, society always had to regulate its life first with the help of traditions and customs, and only then – laws. In ancient times, the will of the gods was considered fair in relation to a person, group or whole society. Often, trying to explain their actions, even starting the war, people referred to “God’s will.”

Throughout the history of human society, the problem was the equitable distribution of material and other benefits. Mankind has invented two main ways of such distribution: the benefits must be distributed among people either equally or in accordance with their merits. A distribution is always considered to be just, which corresponds to predetermined rules.

Now, striving for the most equitable satisfaction of the rights of all members of society, developed democratic states try to apply both approaches. In our country, a certain part of public goods is distributed equally, equally for all. This, in particular, additional state payments to all large families, free education, the use of textbooks or first aid to the patient, etc. The other part of the state’s income is distributed among citizens in accordance with the specific merits of each, primarily in the form of wages.

It is fair in a democratic society to ensure the equal rights and freedoms of all citizens.

Thus, the modern understanding of social justice consists primarily in ensuring the state with the rights and freedoms of all members of a democratic society; in respect of citizens to each other’s rights; in the maximum observance of moral and legal norms in the relationship.

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What is social justice?