I want to tell you

I always dreamed of having a dog and looked enviously at the guys from our yard who went out for a walk with their four-legged pets. I repeatedly asked my parents to buy a dog, but my mother explained that our apartment is very small to hold such an animal. “Enough of us and the fish, especially since besides me, no one cares about them in our family,” Mom said.

And yet the dog in our apartment for a while appeared. It was a dog, a large short-haired dog of gray suit. She was very educated. But first things first.

Neighbors on the landing went on vacation. Knowing that I really wanted to have a dog, they asked my parents to take the dog for a while until they come back. However, my parents politely refused. The dog, whose name was Hamlet, agreed to take the family downstairs. There, too, lived a boy, my age, Stepka.

Some time passed after the departure of the owners of the dog, and I began to notice that Hamlet often remains in the courtyard alone, and then, almost like an ordinary mongrel, looks pleadingly at passers-by with hungry eyes. I fed Hamlet several times. Soon everyone noticed that the dog was taken to the apartment only for the night. The dog let out, his look was not well-groomed.

One day, my parents and I returned home in the evening, and saw Hamlet, standing before the closed door of his temporary patrons. Papa sympathetically said: “What, my dear fellow, they do not allow?” It seemed to me that there were tears in Hamlet’s eyes…

The last days left before the arrival of the owners, the dog named Hamlet lived with us. Parents Styopka did not object. And when our neighbors returned from vacation, they thanked us for participating in the fate of the dog for a long time.

Now Hamlet lives in the usual surroundings, but sometimes I’m allowed to take him to my apartment or take a walk with him.

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I want to tell you