Family Relic

At the age of fifteen, my mother gave me a silver ring, dark with time, with a large transparent-blue stone. “Handsome,” I thought, “but it’s definitely not new.” In my opinion, they are not doing that now. “I wonder whose it is?” As if guessing my thoughts, my mother said: “Your grandmother used to carry it – she used to make this perstenka for her.” Then she gave it to me, and I give it to you, do not lose, he is very valuable for us and my grandmother. “

So I found out that in my very ordinary family there is a real relic, a memory of the past. Quite like in a movie. “I must ask my grandmother!” a thought flashed through my mind. As soon as I crossed the threshold of my mother’s parents’ house, like my grandmother, immediately noticing the ring on my ring finger, she said: “I knew that your mother would give it to you.” She did it right. ” Grandmother did not have to

question anything. She told me the story of her mother’s gift. It turns out that this ring was ordered for the grandmother by her father, my great-grandfather, to her seventeenth birthday. Ring even though silver, but very fine handmade, so expensive. He was on his grandmother’s hand the day she married my grandfather, and then, when my mother was born. “This perstenek brought me happiness,” said the grandmother, – a month after my father gave it to me, I met your grandfather. Then we got married, then our daughter was born. I always dreamed of my daughter, and my dream came true. So I decided to give your mother a ring when she grows up – maybe she’ll be happy too. “I was surprised how my grandmother, a woman who was strict and unsentimental, was able to speak with such affection about a woman’s bauble.” True, “the grandmother continued, – during my youth all sorts of decorations were considered a luxury, and luxury was not welcomed. When I went to the Komsomol meeting, I took off a perstenka, and again put on my house. I did all the work with him.
I did not allow your mother to wear it in school, but she told me to wear a wedding. And she put on. How many years have they been with your father together – I do not admire them. Your mom also wanted a daughter – and she now has you. So you carry a piece of hair – you will be happy. “

Girlfriends often ask where I got such a ring. I tell them everything I heard from my grandmother. “Happy you,” they say to me, “if there is such a talisman in your family.” Yes, maybe I’m happy. And happiness brings to me my ring.

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Family Relic