“Life is beautiful” composition

Life is given to man only once. And, of course, everyone wants to live it happily, joyfully, sensibly, beautifully. I want to leave a trace on the earth, so that future generations know, remember, be proud.

Our life is constantly moving forward, developing so rapidly that not everyone can catch it. Or just do not want to. After all, all the benefits of civilization, all achievements in science, technology, art are committed by people – precisely those people who have lived their lives beautifully – have contributed to the development of society.

Of course, in the modern world, some people prefer to enjoy what was created before, not wanting to add something new to it. For such people, the concept of “beautiful life” takes on a completely different meaning. Someone sees the beauty of life in visiting the chic restaurants, clubs, parties. Someone wants to impress others with expensive and fashionable things: clothes, cars, gold ornaments. Someone is

proud to have the opportunity to visit various countries and resorts. But not for the purpose of replenishing your knowledge, your life experience, but only for the sake of all kinds of entertainment. Yes, they believe that they live beautifully, that they have everything they need, which others can only dream about. But all this beauty is only external, ostentatious, unreal, if there is nothing high for the soul. It does not bring any benefit, except idle pleasure. But in fact,

Another thing, a person who devotes his life to the creation of something new, great, beautiful. Scientists create powerful machines and other devices that facilitate human labor. Doctors find new, effective and safe methods of treating diseases, even those that were previously considered incurable. Teachers give their soul and knowledge to children, trying to educate them by real and educated people. Writers and poets create great works in which they praise courageous and noble heroes, describe the most important events of the past and the present, give lessons in morality and morality, teach to distinguish between good and evil. Someone

grows beautiful plants that are useful or simply pleasing to the views of thousands of people. Others seek to find and preserve endangered animals and explain to everyone how important it is not to disturb the harmony of nature. People explore space expanses, wanting to know the life and structure of other planets; fall on the bottom of the deepest seas and oceans and open there unknown, unique worlds living their mysterious and interesting life.

And is it possible to overestimate the importance of art in our life! Remarkable pictures of great artists not only give us pleasure from their contemplation, but also make us understand their meaning, reflect on their content. We feel as if what the author wanted to say while creating his work; we begin to experience his emotions, his sadness or joy, bitterness or triumph, leisurely meditation or enjoying a stormy life. And how many thin, hidden strings in our souls affect the creations of outstanding composers, muses of kant. After all, music is a separate world, without which it is difficult to imagine a person’s life, since then she would become poor, deaf, joyless.

All these people – musicians and artists, doctors and teachers, cosmonauts and seafarers, artists and writers – live a beautiful life, because they have a goal, strive to achieve it, improve as it is achieved. And all this leaves behind a long memory and respect for many generations. And not only they are a man of any of the many professions on earth, even the most seemingly invisible, lives a decent life if he gives himself all his business, if his labor gives positive results, and therefore benefits the whole of society. The main thing is not to stand still, but to strive forward, be in a constant movement, and then you will live a beautiful life.

The Russian writer M. Gorky remarked remarkably about life: “It’s not true that life is gloomy, it’s not true that it only has ulcers and moans, sorrow and tears! It’s not only vulgar, but also heroic, not only dirty, but also bright, charming It has everything that a person wants to find, and in it – there is the power to create what is not in it! Life is beautiful, life is a majestic, indomitable movement towards universal happiness and joy. “

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“Life is beautiful” composition