“I want to become a policeman” composition

All professions and jobs are important and responsible in their own way. However, hardly anyone will undertake to deny the fact that among all of them can be identified those that require special knowledge, skills and skills from a person. One such profession is the police profession. I would even say that working in the police is not so much a job as a mission, a call of the soul and heart. I am considering the possibility of working with the police, and so with such great interest I can fantasize about it.

First of all, every person who wants to work in the police must realize the responsibility that falls on his shoulders. From the first day of service, he begins to answer not only for himself and his loved ones, but also for the life, health and safety of all people who live in the area entrusted to him. Awareness of this responsibility is far from as simple as some people think, so it is necessary to devote a considerable amount of time to this process.

A huge number

of demands are put to modern police officers. These include, first of all, the presence of profile education, as well as excellent physical training. In higher education institutions, where future police officers are trained, they are provided with all the necessary theoretical knowledge, which it is incredibly important to assimilate for further calm and confident service. Of course, in the first stages of work, any policeman absorbs much needed experience to work as efficiently and efficiently as possible. But getting such a valuable experience does not mean that a policeman is allowed to dissolve himself and lose his optimal physical form. The fight against crime and ensuring public order requires a person to be always in good shape. Unfortunately, with age people do not become physically stronger, rather,

I am deeply convinced that compliance with all these rules will allow me to become a good specialist, a real fearless policeman who is ready to bravely fight against any danger for the sake of maintaining a stable public order and ensuring the welfare of the citizens of the country in conditions of lawfulness and full respect for rights. Of course, the policeman takes on an increased responsibility, but I’m ready for this. Responsibility ennobles a person, makes him better, all this has only positive consequences.

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“I want to become a policeman” composition