The writing on the theme justifies the means

The saying that all means are good for achieving the goal is rather controversial, and its meaning is not always treated unequivocally.

After all, if you imagine a good goal that requires you to transgress moral standards or neglect the life of at least one person, then its value becomes very doubtful.

So many politicians, generals and monarchs of past epochs, throwing on the map of state interests thousands of lives, remained in the memory of peoples as pioneers, progressive rulers. However, they realized the global idea of ​​the country’s formation or a new development road, paid for by the blood and tears of its own citizens, alas, loses its brilliance, because not always the end justifies the means.

It is impossible to justify the evil inflicted on people in favor of a humane goal. It is impossible to put up with a crime committed allegedly for the purpose of a good deed. This means that moral norms, true morals are unshakable, and to neglect them for

the sake of a ghostly, and even a good goal, is fundamentally wrong. After all, in this case, having reached it, a person will cross out his honor and dignity, he will humble himself in his own eyes, and such a desirable result will not seem so attractive as before.

Therefore, considering the possible ways to achieve the goal, be it career growth, financial well-being or the search for one’s love, one must not transgress the laws of morality, neglect the interests of other people, otherwise created evil will make the ecstasy and joy of success diminish, and this postulate is well known, who at least once tried to go to the goal in a direct and unprincipled way.

Sometimes, looking at someone else’s success and prosperity, obtained in a dishonest way, we are surprised at how easily such a person walks through life. with disdain looking at others. But who knows at what moment his gilded life will turn out to be a tinsel, and fate will lead to a dead end. So far, not every goal is able to give a person happiness and satisfaction, if the ways to achieve it were evil, and if at least one person was deceived and humiliated.

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The writing on the theme justifies the means