The Word is the Great Power of Composition

Very often we do not pay due attention to those words that were accidentally dropped. To our great regret, we do not attach any importance to what was said, for example, in our hearts. And meanwhile, the word is a great power, capable of doing miracles.

Sometimes words alone are enough to stop bloodshed or help a person recover. Just one word can inspire and inspire, and can plunge into the abyss of melancholy, darkness and despair.

The power of words can also be judged from works of literature. With the help of a verbal description, we can recreate in our imaginations the most varied pictures, events, whole epochs. The words stir feelings in us. We empathize with the heroes, condemn the scoundrels, formulate our own conclusions, thereby building our own vision of the world and our own system of moral and ethical coordinates.

The art of owning a word is one of the most complex. Since the word is a powerful tool of influence, in case of careless application it can be compared with weapons of mass destruction. Why is that?

The whole point is that any word carries a symbol, the meaning invested in it. And, in addition, this powerful cocktail adds emotion. It is for this reason that you should always choose words carefully. And it does not matter whether we are talking with a salesman, teacher, boss or close people, it is very important to always think about what you are saying.

This is especially true for relatives, because they can easily be wounded and hurt by a careless word. You yourself will regret the caustic word that was accidentally torn from the tongue, but as folk wisdom says: “The word is not a sparrow, it will fly out – you will not catch it.” Therefore, let’s evaluate the true strength of the word and we will use this precious “weapon” extremely carefully.

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The Word is the Great Power of Composition