Summary of “Doctor Zhivago” Pasternak

Summary of “Doctor Zhivago” Pasternak

After the death of her mother, Nikolai Nikolaevich Vedenyapin, his uncle, is engaged in the fate of the 10-year-old Yura Zhivago. The father of the boy, having squandered the millionth state of the family, threw them even before his mother’s death, and later reduced his life to scores, jumping off the train. The witness of his suicide is 11-year-old Misha Gordon, who was traveling with his father on the same train. Yura is extremely keenly experiencing the death of her mother; Uncle, a priest who was ripped at his own request, comforts him with conversations about God.

At first Yura spends on the estate of Kologrivov. Here he meets with 14-year-old Nika (Innokentiy) Dudorov, the son of a terrorist convict and an eccentric Georgian beauty.

In Moscow, the widow of the Belgian

engineer Amalia Karlovna Gishar, arrived from the Urals. She has two children – the eldest daughter of Larissa and the son of Rodion, Rodya. Amalia becomes the mistress of the lawyer Komarovsky, a friend of her deceased husband. Soon the lawyer begins to provide unambiguous signs of attention to pretty Lara, later seduces her. Unexpectedly for himself, he discovers that he has a real feeling for the girl and seeks to arrange her life. Lara is courted and Nick Dudorov, a friend of her classmate Nadia Kologrivova, but he does not cause her interest because of the similarity of the characters.

On the Brest Railway, passing near the house of Guishar, a strike is started, organized by a working committee. One of the organizers, road master Pavel Ferapontovich Antipov is arrested. His son Pasha, a student of a real school, takes to his family the machinist Kiprian Tivertzin. Pasha through her neighbor Olga Demin gets acquainted with Lara, falls in love with her and literally worships the girl. Lara also feels much older than him in psychological terms and does not have any reciprocal feelings for him.

Thanks to Uncle Yura Zhivago settles in Moscow, in the family of his uncle’s friend, Professor Alexander Alexandrovich Gromeko. Yura became very close friends with the daughter of the professor, Tonya and classmate

Misha Gordon. Music lovers, Gromeko often arranged evenings with invited musicians. On one of these evenings cellist Tyshkevich is urgently summoned to the hotel “Montenegro”, where the family of Guichard, frightened by the riots, moved for a while. Together with him, Alexander Alexandrovich, Yura and Misha found there Amalie Karlovna, who was trying to poison herself, and helped Komarovsky. In the room, Jura first sees Lara – he is struck by the beauty of a sixteen-year-old girl at first sight. Misha tells a friend that Komarovsky is the man who pushed his father to commit suicide.

Lara, seeking to end his dependence on Komarovsky, settles at the Kologrivovs, becoming the tutor of their younger daughter Lipa. It repays due to the borrowed money from the owners of the younger brother’s card debt, but suffers from the inability to give them money. The girl decides to ask for money from Komarovsky, but just in case takes with him a revolver selected from Rod.

In the fall of 1911 Anna Ivanovna Gromeko, Tony’s mother, is seriously ill. The grown-up triumvirate of friends is finished by the university: Tonya is a law faculty, Misha is a philological faculty, and Yura is a medical school. Yuri Zhivago is fond of writing poetry, although he does not perceive writing as a profession. He also learns about the existence of Omsk’s half-brother Evgraf and refuses part of the inheritance in his favor.

Yura impromptu reads Anna Ivanovna’s feelings about the resurrection of her soul all the worse. Under his calm story, a woman falls asleep, and after waking up she gets better. She convinces Yura and Tonya to go to the Christmas tree to see the Sventitskys, and before their departure unexpectedly blesses them, saying that they are destined for each other and should marry in the event of her death. Going to the Christmas tree, young people are driving along the Kamergersky lane. When you look at one of the windows in which a spark of a candle is seen, Yuri is born the lines: “The candle was burning on the table, the candle was burning.” Behind this window Larisa Gishar and Pavel Antipov talk intensively at this time – the girl tells Pasha that if he loves her, they should immediately get married.

After the conversation, Lara goes to Sventitskii, where he shoots Komarovsky, who played cards, but misses and falls into another person. Returning home, Jura and Tonya learn about the death of Anna Ivanovna. Through the efforts of Komarovsky, Lara avoids the trial, but on the basis of the shock she experienced, she went off with a nervous fever. After recovery, Lara, having married with Pavel, leaves with him to the Urals, to Yuryatin. Immediately after the wedding, the young people spoke until dawn, and Lara told her husband about his difficult relationship with Komarovsky. In Yuryatin, Larissa teaches at the gymnasium and rejoices Katenka, a three-year-old daughter, and Pavel teaches history and Latin. However, doubting the love of his wife, Paul after the end of officer courses goes to the front, where he is captured in one of the battles. Larisa leaves a small daughter in the care of Lipa, and herself,

Yura and Tonia play a wedding, they have a son, Alexander. In the fall of 1915, Yuri, as a doctor, was mobilized to the front. There the doctor witnesses a horrifying picture of the disintegration of the army, mass desertion, anarchy. In the hospital, Meliuzeev destroys the wounded Yuri with the sister of mercy Lara working there. He confesses to her in his feelings.

Returning to Moscow in the summer of 1917, Zhivago finds ruin here too; he feels lonely, and what he sees makes him change his attitude to the surrounding reality. He works in the hospital, writes a diary, but suddenly gets sick with typhus. Poverty and devastation forced Yuri and Tonya to leave for the Urals, where the former estate of the manufacturer Kruger, Tony’s grandfather was located not far from Yuryatin. In Varykino they are slowly mastering a new place, arranging a life in anticipation of the second child. Being on work in Yuryatin, Zhivago accidentally meets Lara, Larisa Feodorovna Antipova. From it, he learns that the red commanding officer Strelnikov, who is horrifying to all the neighborhood, is her husband, Pavel Antipov. He managed to escape from captivity, changed his name, but his family does not support any relationship. For several months, Yuri secretly meets with Lara, torn between love for Tony and passion for Lara. He decides to confess to his wife in deception and not to meet with Lara anymore. However, on the way home, he was captured by guerrillas from the squad of Livy Mikulitsyn. Without sharing their views, the doctor provides medical care to the wounded and sick. Two years later Yuri managed to escape.

Having reached Yuryatin, captured by the Reds, Yuri, hungry and weakened, fell from his hardships. Larissa takes care of the whole illness. After the amendment, Zhivago gets a job in the specialty, but his position was very shaky: he was criticized for intuitivism in diagnosing diseases and considered socially an alien element. Yuri receives a letter from Tony, who came to him five months after sending. His wife tells him that her father, Professor Gromeko, and her along with her two children (she gave birth to Masha’s daughter) are being sent abroad.

Suddenly appeared in the city Komarovsky promises his patronage of Lara and Yuri, offering to go with him to the Far East. However, Zhivago strongly rejects this proposal. Lara and Yuri are hiding in the abandoned residents of Varykino. One day Komarovsky comes to them with disturbing news that Strelnikov is shot, and they are in mortal danger. Zhivago sends pregnant Lara and Katya with Komarovsky, and he himself remains in Varykino.

Left alone in a completely deserted village, Yuri Andreevich simply went insane, drank, spilled out his feelings for Lara on paper. On one of the evenings on the threshold of his house he saw a man. They were Strelnikov. The men spoke all night long – about the revolution and about Lara. In the morning, while the doctor was still sleeping, Strelnikov shot himself. Burying him, Zhivago goes to Moscow, most of the way on foot. Thin, wild and overgrown Zhivago settles in a fenced-off corner in the apartment of the Sventicki. The daughter of the former janitor Markela Marina helps him with the housework. Over time, they are born two daughters – Kapa and Klava, sometimes they send letters to Tonya.

The doctor gradually loses his professional skills, but sometimes he writes thin books. Suddenly, on one of the summer evenings, Yuri Andreyevich does not show up at home – he sends a letter to Marina informing Marina that she wants to stay alone for a while and asks not to look for him.

Without knowing it, Yuri Andreyevich takes the same room in Kamergersky Lane, in the window of which he saw a burning candle many years ago. Again, it is not known where the newly born brother Evgraf helps Yuri with money, arranges him to work in the Botkin hospital.

On his way to work on the stifling August day of 1929, Yuri Andreyevich begins a heart attack. Coming out of the tram car, he dies. A lot of people are going to part with him. Among them was Larisa Fyodorovna, who accidentally entered the apartment of her first husband. A few days later the woman disappeared without a trace: she left the house, and no one else saw her. Perhaps she was arrested.

Many years later, in 1943, Major-General Yevgraf Zhivago found out in the beloved Tanya Bezochheredova the daughter of Yuri and Larisa. It turned out that before fleeing to Mongolia, Lara left the baby on one of the railway tracks. The girl lived first with Martha, who guarded the crossing, and then wandered around the country. Evgraf collects all his brother’s poems.

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Summary of “Doctor Zhivago” Pasternak