The Village theme in Russian literature

In our difficult times, we sometimes try not to notice the difficulties that arise in the modern village. But they are connected with the most pressing problems of society – ecology and moral behavior of a person. The solution of these problems determines the further course of the history of our civilization.

The theme of many works of writers – contemporaries V. Rasputin and V. Astafiev – is the ecological problem. The example of Matera shows the fate of our numerous villages, which they allegedly destroyed for the benefit of people, by constructing various hydroelectric stations, TPPs, etc. The fate of the heroes unfolds against the backdrop of the main problem that has affected everyone. In the history of Matera, the inhabitants kept one another, that is, they lived with the same family. And flooding of the native land unexpectedly – has unexpectedly fallen down on their head. Residents until the last pull with the departure, because many of them were

scared to leave from here, where for many years they existed. In the literal sense of the word, people cross out their past, put before an unknown future. In the village lived mainly elderly people, and after all it is impossible to start a completely new life in 70-80 years. People resist to the last, even ready to die, but they can not resist the huge machine of reality that sweeps everything in its path. I believe that the characters created by Rasputin are patriots of their native land. Perhaps, therefore, even nature itself “helps” the inhabitants to withdraw from Matera inevitable death.

Like Rasputin, Astafiev devotes a cycle of his stories to his contemporaries, “those who are lost or wanders, who are ready to shoot each other, who are drowning in the poison of” mutterings. “The writer tries to draw the reader’s attention to the main idea – a ruthless attitude towards the taiga. it has been the richest source of various natural resources since ancient times. In the example of Ignatich, the author shows the lawless plundering of nature. He lives one day without thinking

about the consequences. In a duel with the symbolic king-fish, in the face of unknown a higher power is a transformation of the hero, at the moment he is praying only for salvation. It seems to me unusual animal acts as arbiter of the trial of a poacher, shows that the use of nature forever impossible.

Both works are united by one thought: the man’s attitude to the environment. The urgency of this problem lies in the fact that ruthless exploitation and pollution of nature are fraught with irreparable consequences and environmental disasters in the future.

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The Village theme in Russian literature