“The value of human life”

From time immemorial, a person has raised the question of the essence and value of human life. Many philosophers and thinkers tried to answer what a person lives for, why does he come to this world and why does he die? And to this day no one has been able to give an unambiguous answer to these questions. Probably, there is no universal answer, which means that everyone should decide for themselves how and for what to live for, so that “it was not painfully painful for aimlessly lived years”.

The value of human life. Absolute value of a person – makes it LIFE as a special value, unlike all others. What is included in the content of the values ​​of human life? Life is a way of being a person as the owner, owner of life, its master and master.

If the opposite situation takes place, then the person turns into the slave of his life, and life in joy turns into a life of burden. MAN is the goal. His life is a means for this PURPOSE.

The value of LIFE

– as such is dual. On the one hand, life is given to us as the highest DAR, a universal opportunity, and therefore we must highly appreciate life, feel reverence and respect for it. On the other hand, life is given to someone who is not just life, but man is a being who lives his life, a being free, thinking, creative, knowing life, its beginning and end, its boundless possibilities and its biological boundaries, a being that realizes finitude of LIFE. There are brilliant, and there are lives that have been lived in vain.)) LIFE either exists, or it is not) But its quality can be different.

If we live, support our LIFE, love and care for it for the sake of good and not at the expense of the lives and values ​​of others, then we are human, and our life is good and rich. If the inhuman principles take over, our life begins to degrade, weaken, become poorer and weaker. Its value diminishes to the extent that it burns, kills the inhuman in it. The more humane, the richer our LIFE – the higher its value!

Life in that measure is the value to which I am the human master of my life. There is a saying.

one person lives to eat, the other – to eat, to live. A humane person can say that he eats and lives to become and be a human being in order to create himself and the values ​​of personal, social and universal life in order to perfect and elevate the dignity of man. Life is VALUES – because it is the starting point, the way, the process, during which we can only exercise, call to active life, realize our humanity, all our positive qualities and virtues, all our values. The human life becomes infinitely valuable, becomes a universal value.

The right to live is such a generous, such an undeserved gift that he more than pays for all the sorrows of life, all to one. ) The struggle for LIFE is the guarantee of our development, movement.

For on our way there will be many obstacles =) To struggle for our existence, we are forced to assert ourselves, our position in society, in the family and. etc. LIFE is a chain of relationships with people… Sometimes they are complex and not amenable to description and solution, sometimes simple and understandable as two and two. But they are not always unique… Life is a combination of abilities to reproduce and change qualitatively.

LIFE – has exactly the value that we want to give it. ))) “IN THE PERSON.

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“The value of human life”