What is the meaning of life

Man is born to live. Life is given only once. It is given in order to live it honestly and joyfully.

Someone said: “Life is a blank canvas, and one has to be an artist to yourself, it’s not just words, life is in the hands of every person. If you paint bright colors on this canvas, life will be beautiful. is that it should bring joy, love, and light to every person, life is what we create inside, not from the outside. It’s our inner world. If we love life, then she will love us. We bring light into a dark room, the darkness dissipates without any effort on our part. roiskhodit with man, deeply aware of the meaning of life.

The main driving force of life is love. Plato said that life is love, beauty and wisdom. The meaning of life is to give yourself and all around you love, beauty, show your creativity, your talents.

I want to live life so that to realize all my dreams and desires, to achieve success, to be useful and necessary to people.


newborn is like a blank canvas of paper. He’s nothing. Not bad, not good, just no. Man makes himself a man himself. He educates himself.

Every person, small or large, must answer for their actions.

Meanness is a meanness. And if a person, especially a small one, managed to do it, he wrote a dirty line in that white sheet. But, fortunately, he has many days ahead to fit into this white leaf and his bright deeds.

A double or a five will put life at the end of the sheet. The first line is the beginning of life.

Every person has a cherished place on earth. The most familiar, the most beloved. Sometimes it’s a river, a mountain or a glade in the forest. Many of my peers, too, probably have their own park, forest, river. We really need them and everyone who lives around us. Our homeland needs them.

To think, work, overcome obstacles and difficulties for the sake of prosperity of the Motherland, for the sake of the living and those who will live after us, is this not real happiness?

Work for the benefit of society is the foundation of our life. And it is very important that this work was loved, it brought joy to the person. So, it is necessary to make so that the person could choose the main thing in the life.

I often go to St. Petersburg and think about the people who left us in the inheritance of its embankments, palaces, bridges, parks and canals that have passed many tests. At the same time, they retained a deep humanity. We will have to continue the work of our fathers. It is up to us to make life on earth better and happier.

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What is the meaning of life